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Prior Traffic Ticket Question


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  • squad51
    yup its been over 7 years so call department of drivers services and ask them to clear your record and they will. However with that said, a police department will be udnerstanding of your story because it does happen, but if you ommit it and then they find out you are screwed.

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  • DudeX85
    started a topic Prior Traffic Ticket Question

    Prior Traffic Ticket Question

    Back in December of 2002, I was pulle dover for speeding and receive a ticket. I mailed in my ticket and payment shortly after. I thought I was finished. A few months later (i'm not postive when, it was a while ago!) I received a letter int he mail stating that I never paid my fine. I got a couple of the check from my bank, went to the court house and got it fixed. Simple enough.

    today I was bored and looking myself up on http://www.mncourts.gov/publicaccess. sure enough, my tickerts are there. however, when looking at the details for this ticket, it says this at the bottom

    12/18/2002 FLD-Case Filed (Judicial Officer: Judge, Presiding )
    01/21/2003 Arraignment (8:34 AM) (Judicial Officer Faricy, Roland J., Jr) Result: Converted Activity Status Flag Cancelled
    02/07/2003 SUS-Drivers License Suspended (Judicial Officer: Judge, Presiding )
    05/01/2003 REN-Drivers License Reinstated (Judicial Officer: Judge, Presiding )

    07/02/2003 ARC-Archive (Judicial Officer: Judge, Presiding )
    08/29/2003 ARC-Archive (Judicial Officer: Judge, Presiding )
    02/07/2004 ARC-Archive (Judicial Officer: Judge, Presiding )
    05/20/2004 Converted Pending Activity (Judicial Officer: Judge, Presiding )

    Apparently I was suspended because of this and never knew it (and here i thought all those people who say that are liers!). Is there any way of getting this fixed? I am assuming this will come up during a background (or if asked on an app if i've ever been suspended) and in this job market i dont really need a mark like that! Anyone have an insight for me?

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