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  • Livonia- Police Service Aide

    Hello All.. I was just wondering if anyone had any info on this position with Livonia. How many are they hiring? Do you have to be MCOLES certified? What is the probability of full time hire? I plan on calling for some more info, but I like the true feedback from everyone else.. Let it fly.......

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    I dont know how many they are hiring, it is a pretty sweet deal for anyone that hasnt been through an academy. I do not work for Livonia PD, but have come across some of there personnel. You DO NOT have to MCOLES certified, it is a non-sworn/certified position. You do a lot of busy work so the officers can use there time doing what they need to. You answer phones, book prisoners, and things of the such. The reason I say it is a sweet deal is because as I understand it, if you start as a Service Aide and you put your time in and they like you. They will put you through an academy, which is hard to find someone to do now a days. Livonia is a good PD, if I didnt have to worry about losing my certification I would put in for the job.


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      here are the details, you have to have MCOLES physical test to apply.

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