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Oakland or Flint Police academy


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  • Oakland or Flint Police academy

    So I decided to self sponsor this fall and will be attending academy. Maybe this question goes without saying, but what academy would you guys recommend?


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    This question has been asked before regarding other academies such as "should I attend academy A or academy B?" In all honesty I would just attend the academy that is the cheapest and closest to your home.

    All regional academies in Michigan teach the same curriculum as required by MCOLES. Some only teach you the minimum as required by MCOLES, while others throw in additional hours on various topics. The only real difference between say Flint, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw or any other regional academy is the instructors and some are slightly more para-military or academically oriented than others.

    Most agencies do not consider one academy superior to another. While some may have a preference, they are not going to pass you over for a job based on the academy you attended if you're otherwise qualified. The goal is to get MCOLES certifiable and really that is the only thing agencies are concerned with.


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      +1 to above. Great response, MIDeputy.
      Those who stand for nothing often fall for anything.


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        As MIDeputy stated, every academy in Michigan is required to satisfy certain curriculum requirements set forth by the state, but they may choose to emphasize certain areas in their program above and beyond those requirements. Most discussion on this centers on the para-military vs. academic focus of some academies. Hopefully some graduates of the academies you are considering can shed some light on that subject. Other than that you should check the academy websites, and call them for further information or questions. I know Oakland has a really unique set up called CREST that they use for situational practice, but that is the extent of my knowledge of either academy.

        In the end there is no bad academy. You should pick the one that suits you and your needs the best. This includes the teaching style, location, hours, staff, and any other factor you deem appropriate. While people should be able to give you information to consider, don't expect the responses on this forum to give you a clear indication of which academy is "better". There are pros and cons to each, and my pros could be your cons, and vice versa.

        Best of Luck!


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          Thanks for the great responses.


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