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    I'm almost done with Phase 1, things are going well. It sure is nice to finally have a full time job. Here's my question, what if my FTO keeps telling me, "You aint going to make it" should I be concerned. That seems to be the big joke around here. I asked my FTO the other day after running code, "Does it make you nervous when people you train run code for the first time?" he responded, "why would I be nervous, I'm not the one who needs a job."
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    Well if you believe that you aren't going to make it, then you probably won't make it. If things are generally going well during your field training, you should be fine.
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      Things are going great actually, the "aint going to make it" thing is more of a department joke that the FTO's like to say, sometthing like

      "Hey, Joe who is the new guy?"

      "Well..... He 'isn't going to make it' so you wont need to know his name........... no just kidding this is, Matt"

      According to my scores, Phase 2 will start next week.


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        Don't worry. Almost all cops are smart *****. They do that stuff to me all the time at my dept and I am only a Cadet. Don't worry, if they pick on you, then they like you. Don't sweat it!!! Good luck on phase 2
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