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    I am going into the Police Academy at Northwestern Michigan College in the fall and I was wondering if there was anybody that knew anything about it?

    Also I plan on joining the Reserves, and I was wondering if that increases your odds of being hired when the academy is over?

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    It's a good academy Al Heart has been running it for a very long time and does a good job. The only thing that is bad is it's a long academy and you tend to forget stuff before the state test.


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      I went to the academy and I was very disappointed. I was told it was one of the hardest academies in the state. Once I was in it I felt like they were just pushing people through for the $$. I interviewed for departments within Mi and many of them asked me what academy did I attend and they said they never even heard of it ( huge turn-off).

      Just don't expect any para-military style academy. I was looking for a challange and it did not meet expectation. DT is going to be your best class I do give that class thumbs up ( SGT. Drizwicki/ SGT Taylor/ Officer Smith are awsome).

      I could go off for days, anyhow what dept do you think you are going to join the Reserves?? ( TCPD is not putting academy on)


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        No Issues

        I went through NMC's Academy and had no problems at all. I was able to find a job and have been employed for the past 16 yrs. My start was downstate and eventually I am back in Northern MI.
        It is not a paramilitary Academy, which is hard to have in college setting, where most of the students go off campus for the night and return the following day. Perhaps things have changed since I have been out. Good Luck.


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          I am going to send in an application to Grand Traverse County and I think I will send one to Kalkaska County. I want to do as much as possible to help me find a job locally.

          Thanks for the replies!


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