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  • GVSU Police Academy

    I'm starting this academy April 30. I didn't choose this academy, my department hired me in and is sending me to GVSU so I didn't get to research it or anything.

    Has anyone here graduated from the GVSU academy? How is it? Instructors good? How is the training?

    Any advice?


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    I am a GVSU student who is hoping to go to the academy. From what the academy director has told us, it is very paramilitary in nature (not so much the yelling but more of a high stress environment). The academy takes place at the Allendale campus which if you are not familiar is about a 20 minute drive from Grand Rapids. Much of the staff consists mainly of outside instructors from other departments (Ottawa County Sheriff, GVSU DPS, etc.) who come in and teach. For example, I am a reserve with Kent County and one of the PPCT instructors there teaches the PPCT at GVSU. From speaking with people who have previously gone through the academy, there is a lot of PT involved. So make sure you are in the best shape of your life so you don't have to worry about it. The main uniform is a grey polo and blue bdu pants. Hope this helps a little. I also have little more advice that is more specific in nature so private message me if you want it. Can I ask what department is sponsoring you?


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      Yeah I pretty much got all that info at the orientation.

      Anything else from anyone?


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        Its a police academy. Go, learn, graduate. The instructors are instructors, the material is dry and it will probably suck. You want a play by play? firearms is great, PT/DT sucks and class room crap will bore you to death. There ya have it. Good luck. now go study.
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