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  • Kent Co. Traffic Squad

    Hi there! I'm interested in joining the traffic squad and I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on it. I work full time and enjoy what I'm doing, but have always had an interest in LE.

    I enjoy helping people and would really enjoy the friendships that could be made in this. I enjoy action as well, so I'm sure that is some of my interest.

    Basically, what should I expect? I've read about it on their site, but I still don't think I fully understand everything. I'd love to hear input from those who know about it, or just other reserves in general.

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    You would 1st have to be hired by Kent County (which might take a few tries over months and years), spend a handful of years paying your dues, then compete for a spot on their traffic team, which might take a few tries over the years. Traffic teams are speciality divisions, similar to the detective bureau, gang unit, narc unit, etc.


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      Kent County Traffic Squad

      We have been here for a long time…

      The Kent County Sheriff's Department Traffic Squad is the oldest organization of its kind in the country and has been serving the Kent County community since 1917. It is strictly a volunteer organization comprised of men and women from the business community, professionals and various other careers. All time, talents and services are donated while all training, uniforms and equipment are the financial responsibility of the individual officer.

      The Traffic Squad's Enforcement Unit regularly assigns officers to assist the Sheriff's Department with a second officer in cruisers as well as additional support personnel for the Marine and Parks Division. The Squad also provides auxiliary law enforcement personnel to assist all law enforcement agencies in Kent County whenever there is need for additional trained manpower.

      In the spring of 2005, the Squad established the IT Forensics Analysis Unit to assist the Sheriff's Department as well as other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with computer related criminal investigations.

      In the fall of 2006, we expanded our services again to include a Mounted Unit. This unit is quickly becoming another valuable law enforcement/community service asset for the Kent County Sheriff's Department and all of the agencies and communities it will serve.

      For more information on the Volunteer Traffic Squad please contact:
      First Lt. Bruce Ivie
      [email protected]
      (616) 632-6188
      Through responsible budgeting and thoughtful planning, Kent County government is committed to providing resources and services that promote a high quality of life for the entire community.

      I am currently a reserve officer for a metro Detroit police department. We are set up differently than other reserves - we have our own cars and we ride with another reserve, serve as back up to the regulars, and answer non-emergencies on our own (like noise complaints, alarms, etc.) and do warrant pick ups. We have to do the same in-service training as the full timers and carry everything they do (Taser, rifles, shot guns, etc.). Our primary cars are the hand-me-downs from the full timers, unless we need extra cars then we take some of theirs. We also frequently have paid details - sporting events, fireworks, and even get contracted out by other police departments for events that need extra man power (also paid) within the surrounding area. We participate in raids, SWAT call outs, and other call outs (perimeters, OIS, crime scenes, etc.). We're treated pretty well by the regular officers - once you prove yourself. Many reserves have earned full time spots and were sent to the full academy by the department.

      From the website, it looks like your primary purpose at Kent County would be an extra body in patrol cars or extra manpower.
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