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  • night police academies

    is schoolcraft the only one? I'm holding a fulltime day job so only nights/weekends would be possible for me

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    Grand Raipds Community College (GRCC) Has a very nice program. It actually has two scquads for each academy if runs. Jan. through Oct.

    It has an A Squad, which is the Day Shift, which starts at about 0600-0700hrs Monday-Thursday and ends between 1100hrs-1300hrs. Depending on the day and class schedule.

    Then there is the B Squad, which is the Night Shift. Runs from 1700hrs-2100hrs Monday-Thursday. It is a very hard academy to get into. The Director is very strict on who qualifies. So if you apply make sure to have your ducks in a row.

    They already picked the new recruits for the next academy, which starts in January and runs till the end of October. You usually take the MCOLES test in late Ocotober and Graduate in early November. The Academy is longer than most because it is only of the hours it runs.

    It is an amazing academy and well worth it. The instructors are all current Officers or Sergeants. Great enviroment. I would strongly advise you to apply to their academy if you get a chance. However, the next academy you would be eligible for would be 2013. Therefore, start looking for applications around June 2012.

    Hope this information helps. Good Luck.
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      Check the academy list, find the ones that are within driving distance and call them up. I'm guessing that if you've only looked into Schoolcraft your in the Metro Detroit area and driving to Grand Rapids every day on top of your dayjob is out of the question.

      Generally speaking.... your gonna need to either quit your dayjob or find a night / weekend job and try to work it through the academy, which is tough.
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