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    Would a omvauc (operating a motor vehicle after an underage consumption) 10 years ago, hinder me greatly in getting a job as a LE. I have also got a criminal tresspassing charge 3.5 yrs ago for riding a snowmobile accross a farmers field without permission. thanks

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    I'm not so sure about the criminal trespass, that's not huge, could be a farmer making a big deal outta nothin, but the OUI wouldn't help your case any. It looks like they might have enough to call into question your decision making process, to be honest.

    In this market you are going up against guys and girls who don't have any bit of a criminal record (like me) and who are still having a hard time getting employment at a good dept.

    Good luck, and Go Bucks!
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      If all you received was an operating a motor vehicle after an underage consumption 10 years ago and you had no other issues since, then I would say no it wouldn't hinder you that bad, if at all. If you finished school, maintained a good work history, credit history and showed that it was a poor choice as a youth then it would most likely not be an issue, although you would still be questioned on it. However, having had another brush with the law, regardless of the circumstances then I would say yes you're going to have a much more difficult time during the selection process.

      It's not an impossible situation to overcome but as the previous poster stated, there are numerous candidates with spotless criminal backgrounds. If I were conducting your background, I would start to question your decision making skills as well. I would also ask, are these the only crimes that you've committed and were caught committing, or are there other laws you've violated but you just weren't caught?

      Background investigators, police selection panels, they all can overlook or at least understand that some of us make mistakes in our teenage years and they will chalk it up to immaturity, but at some point they are not going to accept that excuse and begin questioning your maturity, and decision making skills.
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