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Wayne County Sheriffs Dept. "Temporary Pool"


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  • Wayne County Sheriffs Dept. "Temporary Pool"

    Anyone take the temporary pool position for the WCS department? I heard they are starting a class next week?

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    Sent you a P.M.


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      I just wanted to know if anyone has heard anything about this position? I heard a few things that were different than what I was told when they called me. And I'm just not sure if I wanted to take it or not, I have a decent job and dont know if I want to leave.

      My buddy told me that a lot of the promises they made over the phone were BS. Just wanted to see what anyone else has heard.


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        No one has anything else on this??


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          This was from back in June, don't know if its what your looking for or not.

          Good Luck


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            The class started today at 8am (I believe)

            At 8:01 our union filed a grievance and an Unfair Labor Practice suit regarding the Jailors Training class for "pool workers" while officers are still out on lay-off.

            We will continue to fight this until all the layed off guys are brought back first.

            Anyone who has any questions, please ask.


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              So I was not going to take the position at first. Unfortunately, I have been out of work for some time now and need to do something fast. So I took the position and am in the class now. From what we were told, there are about 40 laid off officers currently already in the pool. With our class of 20, it would put it at 60. We were told that it is based off of a list in terms of order for calling. Also, the officers already working would have first priority over shifts and overtime. We would only be called when absolutely needed. So you know where that puts us. Our main goal is to have a chance at getting in full time when the time arrises. We were also told that the officers already laid off would be hired back before any of us. There are also about 10 already certified guys that were laid off from the airport as well. They would probably have priority after the other officers get called back as well. As you can see, we are all taking a chance with this program. Some of us have been in the hiring process for over 2 years. With possible retirements coming up, that should open the door for some positions. Please remember that our main goal is to get a chance and start full time . We only hope that others already in the system will understand as well. As far as the filed grievance, we were made aware of that as well and hope that it all gets worked out.


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