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MSP Hiring Motor Carrier Enforcement


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  • MSP Hiring Motor Carrier Enforcement

    Looks like the Motor Carrier Enfoecement is hiring again. The details are on the MCOLES site. There's also a few dept's hiring.

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    I don't see it on the MDCS website. When they are actually doing the hiring, it usually shows up there. Sometimes the MCOLES page is not always current and updated.



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      Are they fully MCOLES certified? Are they like MSP capitol security who dont get traffic and dont qualify for MCOLES.
      I don't answer recruitment messages....


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        MSP Motor Carrier Officers are not MCOLES certified. They only have authority while on-duty, in uniform. They cannot stop passenger vehicles for minor traffic infractions and generally cannot take enforcement action unless it is commercial motor vehicle related, or they are assisting a sworn officer.


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          Motor Carrier

          No MCOLES cert., about the only non truck enforcement allowed is DUIs, and size, weight, and load violations with a car. As for trucks you have the entire vehicle code, and compiled laws to use.

          Training in the past when MSP started the MCD academies was very good, and tough. It was better than the regular CC academy I went to.

          At that time there were still alot of old MPSC supervisors that wanted nothing to do with law enforcement. Heck many didn't want much to do with working! The regular MSP resented motor carriers wearing their esteemed patch, etc.. Alot of ego issues at times.

          MCD was attractive to the MSP due to the large amount of federal funding. The MCD used to be entirely funded via federal dollars. We often suspected that money could be siphoned off for the troops.

          The job is usually Mon thru Fri. great hours. Good healthcare. and other bennies. Pay was good. Retirement is terrible! You have a 1.5 multiplier.


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            Continued: If you multiply your final years of service by 1.5 ex: 25yrs x 1.5= 37.5%! Say your last five years averaged 52,000.00. Your annual retirement benefit is 37.5% of that! Not much. Most don't realize that this is the standard state retirement. Troopers and Corrections are the only ones with 60% at 25. Even DNR COs have the 1.5 retirement multiplier!!
            So if you just want a job, and don't mind having people constantly resist and question you because they don't know what in the hell you are..go for it. Management would get all upset over say a robbery armed bust..in some areas you can make some great felony busts, and get written up. Because even though you have authority, you were violating union rules, doing "Trooper work", offending some ones ego, and or scaring an old MPSC supervisor that hasn't got a clue. It is a second class job within the MSP. If you want to be a cop run from this job. There is a reason for the turnover. Good luck!!


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              I don't believe Corrections are on a pension any longer. I believe they get the same 401K almost everyone else does as well.


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                I've been watching the MCOLES website for years, and the MC posting has been up for at least a-year-and-a-half.


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                  Originally posted by warrior1978 View Post
                  I don't believe Corrections are on a pension any longer. I believe they get the same 401K almost everyone else does as well.
                  Yep after 1997 all of us new guys get a 401K as a CO.


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                    Sorry, I forgot about the "defined contribution" plan that was implemented. You guys deserve a better pension system.


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                      Keep your eye on Denver. When the economy picks up, they will hire. It is a good city and a great pd to work for.


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                        Yea I wish we still had a pension. MSP still does. Our "great" union sold us down the river.


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                          Michigan Capitol police

                          Man, There is so much the public don't understand or don't know what the Michigan Capitol Police do. I'll see if I can inlight a few of you.

                          Their past name was (MSP) Capitol Security Officers their new name is (MSP) State Property Secuirty Officers.
                          They all have gone through the State Police Academy. Some as troopers some as Motor Carrier Officers and some actually went through a Capitol Security Officers School, The last school was about 10 years ago.
                          If get reassigned to the Capitol as Trooper or Motor Carrier Ofc most of the time is was due that you had a issue in the field i.e report writing or FTO problems.

                          They do U.D 10s, they write Reckless, Handicap & OUILS. They do their own complaints and investagations. They handle rallys that are held at the Capitol. They have (3) semi marked patrol vehicles, Bike patrol team, which train with MSU PD every year.
                          They all get D.T training, First responder, Hazemat training and shoot 3-4 times a year(40sigs & 357).

                          And the Biggest thing Thier Not RETIRED police OFFICERS, Thats the House and Senate Sgt's.
                          Just like Motor Carrier their not MCOLES ceritified.
                          If you become a MCO or Capitol Ofcr and if you want to become a trooper/ MCOLES Cert you have to go back through a whole thing again even if you just went through a MCO recruit school or Capitol school(19-20 WEEKS)

                          If there is any other question?
                          Do the right thing at the right time the right way.


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                            It is to bad that they got laid off. Sounds like someone is happy with the new private security company.


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                              But the fun thing is the Senate and the House retanded 7 of the 11 Capitol officers and the other 4 got layed off. But what is so fun is the guy who runs the secuirty for the State complex is now wonting LPD and MSP (troopers) to come and patrol. LPD and MSP already advised the guy they don't have the extra man power.
                              So, now who's the guy looking like a idiot.

                              If nobody knows the whole story on this one, it's a pretty interesting one.

                              Let see the guy spends 5-8 million on new contract for a different secuirty company for the next 3-5 years. And that company is not even from Michigan. The guy who use to own it, from MI, sold it to a company out of state. Then the guy spends 10 million on a keyas system for 7 buildings. And thats not including the software for the system.
                              With all that money he could of invested into the MSP Secuirty Officers.

                              I'm mean come on Ohio and Indiana have there own Capitol police at and on their state complex's.

                              Hey,it might Michiagn but did everybody for get 9-11. Those Capitol Officers or State Property Security Officer are and might be the firts line of defensive.
                              Doe anybody relieze how many State employees work down there.And how many schools vist the that complex(libarary and Capitol). Wouldn't you wont your kids protected or if you wife or husband worked down there?
                              Do the right thing at the right time the right way.


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