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Wayne County Sheriff Department Applicants Please Read


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  • Wayne County Sheriff Department Applicants Please Read

    Attn: Anyone who applied to WCSD

    This posting is to allow everyone to make an informed decision before accepting employment with WCSD. As I'm sure they would explain all of this to you.

    Votes for our new contract are being counted tomorrow 6/22/2009, it looks to pass by a land slide. But it will be official tomorrow 6/22/2009.

    Under our new contract newly hired officers will hire in at 10% below minimum pay and receive no step increase (pay raises) until:
    1. They complete probation (1 year) and
    2. Become a certified police officer, following completion of a police academy
    The new contract also suspends the regular academy for 3 years.

    The 10% below minimum would put starting salary around $13.50/hr

    If you have not been to an academy it looks like you could stay at $13.50 for a long time.

    There is a part time academy (Flex Academy) that they may run that would require you to work full time on afternoons, and attend the flex in the morning. They do not have to run the flex academy and the last flex took almost 8 months to complete. Also they pick and choose who gets to attend the flex, it is not done by seniority.

    If you are already certified, this may not be so much of an issue, you would only have to wait a year to receive any type of pay raise. But keep in mind that just because you are certifiable does not mean that you will be sworn in on day one. It could take a couple of months.

    Again this posting is to allow everyone to make an informed decision before accepting employment.
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    Maybe I will here something now from the app I put in 2 years ago. After last summers home interview I got all excited. Then layoffs. That $13.50 doesn't sound to appealing though.


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      Are they actually hiring individuals who are not certified?

      Are they starting them out in the jail and once certified they head to the road or whats the story?

      What are the Non Sworn Officer Duites at the department......?
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      There is no greater love - than that of a man - that will give his life for another.

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        Yes they hire both certified and non-certified.

        You start in the jail whether you’re certified or not. Just because you are (or get) certified does not mean that you will leave the jail. To be honest if you’re not buddies or related to someone, you will probably spend the majority of your career in the jails. And if you do get out, they hold going back to jails over your head as "punishment". I’ve seen officers with years on the job get to an outside unit, only to return to the jails after a short period of time, for whatever the reasons. Which could include things you have no control over, such as your FTO stating the wrong location over the radio regarding your whereabouts? One of my partners got out and this happened to him, he went straight back to the jails. Sounds fair doesn’t it.

        Non sworn officers work in the jails only. And to be honest you’re more of a corrections officer than a police officer. You make rounds on your floor. You feed the inmates. Any time an inmate leaves your floor you search them when they return. We do cell searches. If an inmate needs medical attention, you call the nurse. You write various reports, you may go weeks without writing any or you may write 3 a day for a month. To be honest working in the jail is ok, but not real police work.

        This is not a bad place to start if you don’t have experience, but the way things are looking now for new hires, you will spend years in the jail before you get the chance for an academy. It would be faster and bring better opportunities to put yourself through an academy.


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          Originally posted by DetroitAgent09 View Post
          It would be faster and bring better opportunities to put yourself through an academy.
          Right - if only MCOLES would put on a "night / Part Time" acadamy for those individuals that have to work to support their families but still want to get into LE.....

          This agency sure doesn't make it easy for those type of people......

          They seriously are over looking alot of qualified people by basically making the only option to go to school fulltime, work and take care of a family all at the same time.....

          Thanks for the info.....
          There is no greater love - than that of a man - that will give his life for another.

          If God carried a gun - it would be a 1911


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            What happened to all those deps and co's they laid off last summer??? Are they being called back??


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              Originally posted by dozer1 View Post
              What happened to all those deps and co's they laid off last summer??? Are they being called back??
              We are still laid off. They just passed a contract that should allow many senior officers to retire. If they are going to call us back, or do any additional hiring, it should happen in the next few weeks/months. Its really a waiting game.


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                Well good luck, hope you guys get called back soon......


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                  how long is the hiring process for WCSD? 4-5 months?


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                    Like all law enforcement agencies its a waiting game, and how long just depends on their needs. I know some that waited over 2 years and some that waited only months.


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                      Are the laid-off officers going back any time soon???


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                        Who knows, we are still waiting.

                        Retirements seem to be our best chance of getting called back. Our new contract passed, and should allow those who want to and who can afford to retire to do so. As of now they don’t have an actual count on how many are going retire but they claim around 250-300 are eligible.

                        To be honest I think when our new fiscal year starts (October 1st) our budget is going to get cut again. If this happens I wouldn’t be surprised to see this department stay on a hiring freeze.

                        For example if 150 retire, but due to the budget they cut those positions and do not fill them..........We are still out of jobs.

                        Basically its still a waiting game.


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                          What i dont get is why they are hiring again? Why waste time and money on those tests and background checks, if there are still laid off officers?


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                            Me and one of my laid off partners were discussing this very issue earlier today. This is the best answer we could come up with:

                            Let’s say that in the unlikely event that 300 officers retire in the next few months. Even with a very possible and likely budget cut in October, they most likely would NOT eliminate all 300 positions. But let’s say they cut a (hopefully) exaggerated 200 positions and they fill the other 100 remaining positions.

                            There were a total of 77 of us laid off, some have been called back out of seniority order, which our union screwed us on by the way, and some are not coming back. So let’s say there are only 50 of us laid off deputies that would return if called back. In theory the new applicants who are currently going through the hiring process would be used to fill the remaining positions.

                            But this would all depend on how many actually retire and how many positions are eliminated come October 1st.


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                              On a different note, I would like to express my opinion to anyone considering working for this agency.

                              If you are looking for real police work or if you are academy certified, I would highly recommend that you find a different department. Highland Park would be better experience, and actual police work for that matter. With this department your primary duties will be handing out toilet paper and meal trays. Sure you’ll write reports, but nothing like as if you were on the streets. And just because you are certified does not mean that you will leave the jails anytime soon, there are officers who have spent their entire careers in the jails, some by choice some without choice.

                              Is this department better than nothing…….sure, but why settle for less if you are qualified for more.

                              And if you are not academy certified, put yourself through an academy and find a different agency. Take it from me, I came to this department because I was unable to put myself through an academy. It was 2 years from the time I applied to the time I started, I worked here for 1 year, I’ve been laid off for almost 1 year, and I’m still not certified. And if I get called back they have suspended academies (as of Monday June 22nd 2009) for 3 years. Do the math that will be almost 7 years and still not certified.

                              The biggest mistake I made was coming here instead of finding a way to complete an academy on my own.


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