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  • Probation officers

    I'm currently a PPO in Arkansas. I 've lived in Michigan for 25 years and would like to return home. From looking at it seems that there are always various openings around the state for probation officers. Any information on why this is? In Arkansas there is a high turn over rate due to low salary.

    I'd like to know about salary (top outs), hours, how many clients on normal caseload, retirement...etc. Overall is it a good job in MI?

    Thank you for all of you help.

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    I am a little outside my realm of expertise on this topic but I'll try to chime in.

    District court probation as a general rule is handled by a county probation officer. Circuit court probation/parole is handled by a Michigan Department of Corrections probation/parole officer. To the best of my knowledge most of the job openings for MDOC probation/parole officers are internal MDOC applications/promotions. The MDOC officer positions as far as descriptions and salary range can be obtained from the MDCS website.

    Again, as a LEO and not a probation/parole officer I will defer to those who probably know a lot more about the subject than I do.


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      They always have openings I think because they have a very high case load. You can look at job specific information on the MDOC web site like salery ect.


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        With the hiring freeze of MDOC agents gone and so many retirements, they are now open to hire. With the trickling of transfers, that is probably where you see the many openings. If you go to and go to employment, you should be able to find the employment and pay. Most of it is hourly, overall salaried, however, from what I have seen, they do most of their hiring internally.
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