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    I am looking into becoming a reserve officer while finishing up college. I know reserve opportunities are fewer in Michigan than they are in other states, but i was wondering if anyone knows of any that I should look into. If they are actively seeking new people, that would be a perk too.

    I live in the Lansing area, but I have friends and family throughout the state, so I would be willing to commute a couple of hours. I know some departments have a residency requirement or radius that you must reside in, but I am flexible if they are.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    How much longer do you have in school?

    I know alot of reserve units (like mine - which is somewhat close to you) do not actually like to "recruit" LE bound individuals as it tends to get expensive after awhile.

    Our unit generally looks for individuals that have an interest in community service and law enforcement but have chosen a different path for their fulltime job. We give them a way to give back to their communities while exploring and experiencing it in a LE manner.

    We have hired candidates that were in the process of school and then acadamy and though it may look good for the candidate - it does little for the reserve team, as the individual is to busy to put in any time. For as you know - once you get going you will be looking for a internship somewhere and will spend your extra time riding there.

    We actually hired a guy one time and he never even suited up before he took a job with the MSP.......

    So if you are at the start of your schooling then its favorable for you to find a spot somewhere - but know that the reserve squads you look at may be thinking about exactly how much "work" they will get out of you for the money and training they put into you........ before you leave.

    With that - good luck and if you need any more info - feel free to PM me.

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