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NE cop going to Boston


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  • NE cop going to Boston

    Hello to all,
    In 10 days I will be taking the wife and kids to the Boston area. Any helpful hints on places to see or go. We are staying in Braintree. The hotel suggests taking their free shuttle to the T and getting around Boston that way. Plan on going on the Freedom Trail, USS Constitution, Cape Cod, and hopefully the Springfield Armory Museum. Flying in so no pistola, so I am not worried about that aspect of the trip. Any info is appreciated. Take care and stay safe!!

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    We also have a childrens museum thats good for the kids. Cape cod is nice water is still cold for simming. If you go to the cape go to hyannis nice downtown to walk good places to eat. Fanuiel hall in boston is a good place to take the family. Try to take the transit it is easy to do and will bring you to most attractions. Have a good vacation.


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      Definatly see the freedom trail, take a Duck tour and maybe go to the science muesuem. The cape is nice also if interested check out marthas vineyard or Nantucket for the day, they run a ferry from hyannis and Newbedford, I would take it out of hyannis if your not from this area. Also rhode Island is nice, Newport, Jamesisland, and most of the coast is nice too.


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        If you are a baseball fan, check out Fenway Park. I think they still do tours but I would double check. Dont bother trying to see a game....way too expensive. If you come to the Cape you might avoid most of the crowds. Once Memorial Day passes, the crowds return for week-ends until the kids get out of school then its full scale armagedon. In all honesty, if you get the chance take a ride out to the Lower Cape. Nauset Beach in Orleans is a great spot to enjoy the ocean. But like bcsoco said, the water is still really cold. Also, downtown Chatham is a good walking area and with 0 homeless people begging for money versus downtown hyannis which is loaded with homeless and bands of punk teenagers....Yes even on Cape Cod. If you so desire, take a ride to Provincetown. There are great places to eat up there. Be advised, visit during the daytime. The night time brings out some interesting characters who you might not want your kids to see. P-town is, shall we say, very diverse but overall not a bad place to visit during the day if you have small kids. Enjoy your trip.


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          boston area

          duck tour(amphib vehicle) very worth while-if you rent a car take a short trip into new hampshire and take the cog railroad up mt washington(highest peak in eastern usa - great views and a lot of fun)--also take family to see the glouster fishing fleet in glouster massachusetts and maybe take a whale watching tour boat also great fun- if you need anything while in the area dont hesitate to give me a call 603-493-3400 (retired pd detective)name Hadley


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            The Prudential Center is pretty cool, you can go up to the top and get a nice view. Also, if you are looking for places to walk around and shop and stuff like that, Newbury Street and Harvard Square are both easily accessible by the T.


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              Thanks to all w/ your advise. I do appreciate it. We do plan to go n the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. Also, like baseball and plan on a tour of Fenway. The week we are there the Red Sox are on the west coast. That takes care of the game idea. Take care and stay safe. If any of you happen to come to Iowa or Nebraska let me know and I'll try to help you out too!!!


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                Also, take a walk by Boston's most disappointing tourist attraction, the Cheers bar. Actually the disappointment is the inside which does not resemble the bar from the show at all.

                If you have the time out in Springfield there is Six Flags New England and the Basketball Hall of Fame. If you are a gun nut there is the S&W complex.

                I enjoyed a short trip up the north shore to Salem (Witch City) and Gloucester where a lot of "The Perfect Storm" was filmed.

                There are battleships that you can tour on north and south shores.

                Can not forget Quincy Market, Boston Common, Duck Tour is fun and worth it.
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                  Definitely do the duck tour, the kids will like it too. How old are they? They might like the aquarium as well, it's kind of neat I've been there a few times. DEFINITELY do the tour of Fenway Park! I just checked it out on their website because I haven't done it in a while, $12 for adults, $10 for kids. Here's the link:


                  Make sure you check it out because they have some certain dates in June where they won't be giving tours for some reason. But it's neat you get to sit in the dugout and walk on the warning track out to the monster (as long as they are not working on that section of the field, that is).

                  I would definitely make time to head to the Cape as well. My parents have had a summer home in Hyannis for the past 15 years. Main St is a very nice area, lots of nice shops, a big candy store too that the kids would like plus a little mini golf course. You are not going to be accosted by homeless people, never has happened to myself or any of my friends. Not sure what that person was talking about hyannis being 'loaded with homeless'. I think I've seen maybe three. On the weekend nights though there are a lot of younger people such as myself cramming into the bars, and cruising up and down Main St., especially with it being almost summertime now, so definitely go during the day.

                  I hope you enjoy your trip!!
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                    I was going to suggest that if you are a LEO, bring your firearm! MGLs have granted ALL LEOs (from anywhere in the US) the right to conceal carry here in MA for at least the last 30 years (probably longer)!


                    Chapter 140: Section 131G. Carrying of firearms by non-residents; conditions

                    Section 131G. Any person who is not a resident of the commonwealth may carry a pistol or revolver in or through the commonwealth for the purpose of taking part in a pistol or revolver competition or attending any meeting or exhibition of any organized group of firearm collectors or for the purpose of hunting; provided, that such person is a resident of the United States and has a permit or license to carry firearms issued under the laws of any state, district or territory thereof which has licensing requirements which prohibit the issuance of permits or licenses to persons who have been convicted of a felony or who have been convicted of the unlawful use, possession or sale of narcotic or harmful drugs; provided, further, that in the case of a person traveling in or through the commonwealth for the purpose of hunting, he has on his person a hunting or sporting license issued by the commonwealth or by the state of his destination. Police officers and other peace officers of any state, territory or jurisdiction within the United States duly authorized to possess firearms by the laws thereof shall, for the purposes of this section, be deemed to have a permit or license to carry firearms as described in this section.
                    Boston is a great city to visit. Quincy (next to Braintree) has the two Adams Houses and both Presidents are buried in a church in the center of the City (the church is in a rotary). I've driven by these places thousands of times and have never been to any of them myself!

                    Enjoy your stay here!


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