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MA Supreme Judicial Court Marijuana Ruling


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  • MA Supreme Judicial Court Marijuana Ruling

    Hello from the deep south. I was reading articles on the wire and came across this one:

    My first thought was, "holy #&%^.... I hope that doesn't happen down here."

    My second thought was how yall are dealing with this issue.

    I work primarly in DUI (DWI) Enforcement in a SEC college town and a law like this would absolutely kill us in enforcing impaired driving on marijuana.

    What are yalls thoughts on this? Is it being made out to be much worse than it actually is?
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    How do you deal with someone that has an open container or even alcohol on their breath? Common logic would tell me that this *may* be criminal in nature as there is a pretty good chance this person is under the influence. Fresh marijuana might be one thing, but BURNED marijuana would be a huge red flag (IMO)

    I think this law requires some more tweaking. If they plan to treat marijuana the same as alcohol thats fine. Lets make some guidelines that help keep EVERYONE involved safe(er)

    -No paraphanellia(sp) in possession of a moving vehicle (consider this to be along the lines of an open container)
    -Within your 'decrimed' limits. If you are transporting pounds and pounds of the stuff...
    -Better roadside tests to help determine IF someone is under the influence. From what I understand the most (and pretty much only) test is a blood test that has to be performed to get an acurate reading. This of course means taking the time to detain and process the person long enough to get them to a place where this test can be done.

    There is much room for improvement if in fact this is what the people want.
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