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Maryland State Police and Tattoos


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  • Maryland State Police and Tattoos

    Im a former US Marine I got out a few years ago and have been bored out of my mind ever since. I'm 31 yrs old and am thinking of giving up a well paying job to do what I really want. I am thinking of the Maryland State Police but my being a Marine I have a few Tattoos. Nothing below the elbows and of course nothing offensive. Does anyone know if this will be a problem?

    Also, being ill probably be 32-33 yrs old by the time I hit the acadamy (assuming I make it that far) will i feel like the old man in the class? Not that it matters, i can run circles around most 21 yr olds.


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    I'm not a LEO but in my opinion you should be fine.

    MSP is very picky on who they accept, so I would apply to multiple agencies, unless your heart is set solely on MSP


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      Originally posted by Up_On_Base
      I would not worry too much about the tats, I have half sleve tat on arm but can't be seen in short sleves, usually the policy is tattoo can't be scene on duty/in uniform.

      You will probably be one of the older guys but no big deal, I am in better shape at 29 than 22. Most of my UD class was 25-29, our PT champ was 34 and was a machine. Granted his nickname was old balls but that was out of respect, expect some ball busting and have fun.

      I have been thinking about MSP for a long time, we are in the same boat with high paying private sector jobs (weekends/holidays off, family time) but want something more. Once my wife's company decides on her promotion I will attend a orientation, there is a chance we are moving to New England so I don't want to waste my time or MSP's processing for no reason.

      I know MSP needs people but are very picky about who they let in, so good luck in your decision.

      Thanks guys,

      I know MSP is picky, one of the reasons I want to be MSP. Ball busting doenst bother me any, 8 yrs in a Marine Recon unit fixes that. I can take it and give it with the best of them. Another reason I want to go back to that environment. I miss that type of brotherhood.


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        The guys with tatoo's in my class did catch some crap for it, but it is no big deal. As far as the age, the oldest guy in my class was 43 years old. The average age was mid 20's. As long as you can keep you with the PT you will be fine. Good luck with the process.


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          Thanks for the responce mike4814, good to know


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            Don't worry about the will have to cover them up when wearing short sleeves. An ACE bandage or something like that. By the way, I graduated from the Academy at age 37. You just have to know that the MSP is where you really want to be. You will ache, but so will the younger guys! Good Luck!


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              Our youngest was 20, he was 21 when he graduated. The oldest was 44. I think my only way of doing any State police agency, is either a shortened academy or a lateral-over with just class stuff (Comp. Compliance). Good luck! My dad's friend, a retired Trooper, showed me things they don't show you in the "regular" Academies.
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