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  • Where to go?!

    Okay, so it looks like my NJ Cert will be good in MD. Now, can anyone give me some agencies to look into that will accept transfers?! I was very interested in Baltimore County but just found out they do not accept laterals. Any help is appreciated!


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    Anne Arundel is one of the better agencies. Great area to live, awesome retirement. Annapolis City is offering $5k sign on bonus. Howard county is also a great department from what I have heard.


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      Havre de Grace was accepting laterals. Not sure on if they still are or if the out-of-staters can apply. You can call and ask...
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        Originally posted by kirts410
        I would double check on the baltimore county not accepting laterals because I was told by the sargeant that they will be accepting later this year . But I'm not sure about the out of state transfer .
        The lateral program on last check was on hold. I am also pretty sure that they are not accepting out of state laterals, you would have to apply and endure the full 6 month academy.

        Your best bet is to either call 410-887-5542 or check out the career website for Balto Co. at

        If you are looking for full service agencies in the Baltimore region, I suggest you also research Howard County, Harford County, Anne Arundle County, Baltimore City, and in some sence, Carroll County (ie: Westminster).

        MSP is soon to relinquish patrol operations in Carroll County, who is expected to take control of calls for service operations. On last check, they are expected to have a hiring increase, however I havn't heard anything new on that front recently.

        MSP, MdTA, and MTA are seperate agencies that operate in and around the Baltimore beltway, however handle mostly transportation issues and are not necessarily responsible for calls for service.

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          Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it!


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            Originally posted by Up_On_Base
            Check out Harford county (just north of Balt county), the area is expanding like crazy and still more affordable than most of MD. Pay is comparable to other counties and they offer a take home.

            Montgomery will take laterals but you must attend the academy, they lateral your time towards pay. If you like the beach, Ocean City is a possibility.

            I am not sure if MdTA will accept a lateral from out of state...good luck

            For Montgomery County you don't have to attend the academy. I beleive its a few weeks to get you up to date but thats it.

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