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Gangs on the rise???


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  • Gangs on the rise???

    I was talking to a Baltimore City Police Officer on thursday and was told how the bloods,Crips, and Ms-13 presents is on the rise.

    The Officer also stated that some of these gangs top leaders have come into Maryland to recruit and build their gangs here like in other States.

    The Officer also said the MS-13 is the worst of them all!

    What is your take on the gang activity in your area?

    Do you think gangs are on the rise in your area?

    Have you had to deal with gangs yet?

    What is your Agency doing to combat this gang situation?
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    not an LEO, but i have heard also that MS-13 is starting to have a big presence in MD.


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      Not an LEO either, but recent Sun paper articles are describing what many seem as a rise in gang activity around Maryland and especially Baltimore:



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        Where I work we see mostly Bloods and a few Crips. Numbers are definitely on the rise.
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          Originally posted by Kashihara View Post
          Not an LEO either, but recent Sun paper articles are describing what many seem as a rise in gang activity around Maryland and especially Baltimore:

          Not a LEO

          As for MS-13 they have been forming sense the mid 90's. Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, Folk Nation and several "neighborhood" gangs as well. MS-13 has a very large membership in the MD, DC and VA areas. MS-13 is probably Marylands biggest gang organization as they are in just about every community you can think of. Some show more presence in some areas than others. My understanding is there is a pretty decent presence in Frederick City. MS-13 also have been involved in money laundering involving prostitution. Various "gangs" have various agendas, and we also have several "wannabe" gangs. Some are pretty organized, while others are just whatever-whenever.

          I've dealt with some MS-13 and others gang members. My personal experience is that most aren't as "tough" when they are alone.

          Edit to Add: Years ago there was a gang "hotline". This gang hotline was used for gangs in the to communicate amongst each other. Normally "representing" their "set" and to diss others. Also, sometimes it was used to "hook-up" with ladies that were "gangettes".
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            I come into contact with various gang members on a daily basis. The problem has been on the rise for the last several years. MS 13, bloods, crips, and various spinoffs of these gangs are all prevalent. Usually the murders we handle are gang related as well as the drug activity. Gangs are nothing new around here. Alot of the gang leaders hold their leadership meetings in the wooded areas of the parks in our area.
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              To add to what red bird says...there has always been gangs in Baltimore. It wasn't long ago that the North Ave Boys were terrorizing the community. Nowadays they just wear red or blue and call them selves bloods or crips. 90% of them are bull^$&%. Little cowards who just want to fit in and be a gangster.

              I am not blowing it off by any means. You need to deal with it head on. Gather intell, etc. Make it difficult for a gang to fly his colors and walk to the store without getting messed with by the police. You wanna wear colors...just gives us a reason to stop you.
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                I know of the Bloods and Crips in Harford Co, and one small instance of MS13, but the majority are biker gangs and white supremacists, I do believe.
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                  At last year's National Gang Conference in Anaheim, Ca.,,one of the instructors who taught a block on MS-13 was from Maryland. From what he said,,MS-13 is very big there. I'm from Riverside, Ca.,,and we have none here.
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                    MS 13 is what I've seen on the rise. I don't see much of the Bloods or the Crips (although catch colors on occasion in the hood). Some parts of MD are getting hit harder than others. Northern VA used to have a huge problem with MS13...that has spread into Montgomery County and parts of Howard County. I'm running into more of them in my jurisdiction. Many in our department believe that there is no gang problem or any members. When you are locking guys up with the tats and tags are starting to show up near your Latino neighborhoods, you have a problem.


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                      It amazes me how cities and towns don't recognize there's a gang problem,,when it's one of the most talked about problems all over the U.S.
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                        Surenos, Nortenos and GKI seem to be the most well known in Colorado, among the bloods and crips as well.
                        Keep an eye out for the 211 Crew, somewhat newer white supremist prison gang.
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                          I know Gaithersburg City has a pretty large number of MS-13 members and Gaithersburg City Police has a detective who is very well known for his work on gangs. He was even on the Ali-G show on HBO talking about gangs.


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                            Originally posted by kirts410
                            Well I wouldn't take him being on the ali g show too serious because everybody that is on that show ends up lookin like an idiot .
                            Yes I know what Ali-G does in the show, but I was just making my point that he is known as a gang professional.


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                              Is MS-13 a sureno spin off?
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