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The Cheverly Police Department is hiring ENTRY LEVEL and LATERAL Police Officers.


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  • The Cheverly Police Department is hiring ENTRY LEVEL and LATERAL Police Officers.

    The Cheverly Police Department is currently seeking qualified candidates for Entry Level and Lateral Police Officer Positions.

    Benefits include:
    - LEOPS Retirement (50% at 25 years)
    - 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
    - Paid Annual Leave (8-18 days annually based upon years of service)
    - Paid Sick Leave (Accrued at 8 days per year with out limit)
    - 11 Paid Holidays per year
    - Take Home Vehicle (40-air miles)
    -100% tuition reimbursement
    -100% Employer Paid Health/Dental/Vision
    - Secondary Employment and Overtime assignments

    Starting Salary:
    -Entry Level Officers receive an annual salary of $54,812 (Upon Successful Completion of Training)
    -Lateral Officer Salary is Negotiable based upon training and experience **LATERAL OFFICERS ALSO RECEIVE A $5,000 SIGN ON BONUS**

    Shifts and Schedule:
    -Patrol Officers work a 12 hour shift, rotating between days and nights monthly. Day Shift is 0600-1800, Night Shift is 1800-0600. **OFFICERS RECEIVE EVERY OTHER WEEKEND OFF**

    For Additional information you may Post your questions, send a PM or contact the following:
    -The Cheverly Police Department at 301-341-1055
    -Acting Chief J. Towers at JTowers@cheverlypolice.org

    To apply please visit our website @http://cheverly-md.gov/Pages/CheverlyMD_Police/recruitment

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    Do you offer health benefits after retirement? And what percentage is the raise yearly?


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      1. Yes. Employees do receive health benefits after retirement.

      2. Step increases are allotted at 2% per year. we also receive pay increases as approved by town council, as well as cost of living adjustments.


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        1.) First Question: Roughly how long is the hiring process for applicants? I’m sure its different for every applicant on getting hired but just curious the usual length of time. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide back..

        2.) Second Question: How many academy’s do you all hold a year? And how often/time in between do you start a new academy class? Thanks again.
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          To Ky86;

          1. We strive to make the process as quick as possible for applicants. We generally can get a Lateral on the street within 30 days of applying. Entry Level is about the same, maybe slightly longer for an academy start date. Our process rely's heavily on how fast an applicant can, and is willing to schedule or make appointments. We also utilize the option to complete multiple steps at once. This is to limit the amount of time and trips an applicant has to take.

          For reference, our process for Entry Level and Lateral Police Officer is as follows:

          "1. Completion and Submission of an Application and Personal History Statement
          2. Physical Assessment Test (THIS STEP IS WAIVED FOR LATERAL APPLICANTS)
          2(b) Prior to any applicant's participation in the Physical Assessment Test (PAT), they, along with their primary physician, will be required to fill out an "Attending Physician's Statement/Medical Waiver" form. No applicant will be allowed to participate in the PAT without first submitting this document. When instructed to do so, print out and complete the required form. You may obtain a copy of the form here.
          3. Oral Board Interview
          4. Drug Screening
          5. Polygraph Examination
          6. Conditional Offer of Employment
          7. Psychological Screening
          8. Medical Examination
          9. Background Investigation

          10. Final Offer of Employment"

          2. We do not run our own academy. However, we do have agreements in place with most academies in the area which allows us to get Entry Level applicants into an academy fairly quick.
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          • Ky86
            Ky86 commented
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            Awesome! Thanks so much for answering my questions with very detailed information. Looks like I’m going to be applying with your department.
            And if you could send a link to where I can Apply for Police Officer within your department that would be great. Thanks again

          • CheverlyPD
            CheverlyPD commented
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            Copy and paste the link below into your browser and it will take you to our recruitment page.


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          Do you accept out of state laterals?


          • CheverlyPD
            CheverlyPD commented
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            You will need to contact the academy you attended and get a copy of your training records. You will then submit the training records and a copy of your certification/ license/ law enforcement number with your application. We will forward the information to MPCTC (Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission) for review. Once your records are approved by MPCTC you will be required to attend a Maryland Comparative Compliance Academy. This is a 3-5 week course that will get you acclimated to Maryland law and other state requirements.

          • Etoolqual
            Etoolqual commented
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            Copy. I already have a letter from MPCTC stating I meet comparative compliance, if that suffices. Unless your department prefers it to go through you. Thanks for the response.

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          Yes, an approved letter will suffice just fine. All we ask is that you submit a copy of the letter with your application.


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            A few more questions I’m sure others would have too.

            1. Can military service count towards retirement?

            2. What is the relationship between Cheverly PD and PGPD in regards to calls for service, etc. And any other surrounding departments? Such as, who handles what and what Cheverly is limited to.

            3. Are there any specialities and/or collateral duties along with being assigned patrol?

            4. What’s the current fleet vehicle used for take homes?

            5. Is there a cap on the lateral pay that is stated as negotiable?

            6. How many officers are you looking to hire?

            I appreciate any responses.


            • CheverlyPD
              CheverlyPD commented
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              1. Yes, military time will count towards retirement.

              2. We have a fantastic relationship with PGPD and surrounding municipalities. Our dispatch is run through PGPD Hyattsville District and we handle all calls for service within the town of Cheverly. In the event of a homicide, rape, or other major felony PGPD will handle the investigation. However, we will still respond and handle the initial report and preliminary investigation. We routinely respond outside the town to assist agencies such as Bladensburg or PGPD. In the event an officer is in need of assistance, we will respond wherever necessary.

              3. We have two positions for detective, one of which is assigned to the FBI task force. We were recently approved for K9 and are currently looking for a handler. We have also been in the process of organizing a plan to create a Street Crimes/ Community Action Team.

              Some part time opportunities include;
              - Firearms instructor
              - Bike patrol
              - Background investigations
              - Recruitment

              4. Currently officers are assigned an Explorer Utility Vehicle.

              5. As of right now the top pay is determined by the chief. It’s a case by case basis based on experience. We have officers who have lateraled with starting pay of over $62,000

              6. As of now we have 6 positions with the potential for more.
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            Do you guys accept laterals from MPD(DC Police)?
            Metropolitan Police Department (DC Police)
            Initial Application-5/29/13
            Mass Processing Day-6/13/15
            Email of Written Exam (Passed)-6/15/2015
            Background Investigator Assigned-6/30/15
            Medical Examination-7/18/15
            Psychological Examination-7/20/15
            Polygraph Examination-8/24/15
            Final Review-12/15/15
            THE CALL-12/22/15
            Academy Start Date-12/28/15


            • CheverlyPD
              CheverlyPD commented
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              I apologize for the delayed response.

              Yes. We accept out of state lateral's. However, you will need to attend comparative compliance to obtain MD certification.

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