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    I have just signed up to join the Anne Arundel county police department, and I'm almost through the background checks. I was wondering if anyone new what academy life is like? Do you have to work on the weekends during the academy, and do they give out a schedule at the beginning of what will be done everyday. I'm just looking for general information. If you could help that would be great.

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    A close friend said it's M-F 7-4/5. He completed the academy two years ago, I assume not much has changed. Good luck, I will be in the first 08 academy, so if you don't make the May academy, maybe I will see you then


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      There is some night and weekend training.

      Where in the BI are you? Usually if you are almost done, you will get a date to start the next Academy, which should be starting soon.
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        I live right down the road from the academy...unfortunately I've never been inside. I CAN tell you that you will probably be running and chanting cadence past my house every once and awhile :P Oh yeah...and every time you shoot your guns at the range...I hear it

        Good luck in the rest of your process!
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          In the BI, I just talked to the detective in charge of my file, and she said she had to have this sent to the chiefs office by mid April. So right now I'm just waiting to hear back from them. Did you have to do a medical test where they took blood and urine and all of that?


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