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Gonna be in Baltimore for a couple days, looking for info/advice


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  • Gonna be in Baltimore for a couple days, looking for info/advice

    I'm a LEO from Maine. We're going to Maryland for family reunion in a couple of weeks and I want to take the wife and kids (boys 11 & 9) to Baltimore. We'll be there on Fri and Sat, May 6 & 7, and want to go to go to an Orioles game Fri evening and see the aquarium Sat. Any issues carrying down there? Anything particular to the area I should be aware of?

    Also, I haven't been in Baltimore in about 20 years so I'm wondering if you guys could suggest the "must see" sights and good restaurants, particularly a place for crabs? What about a good place to stay that would be close to everything?

    Thanks in advance for any and all info!

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    I would definitely take the kids to Fort McHenry. It's right around the corner from the Harbor. Besides the Aquarium there is the Science Center which is fun for kids. You can tour the USS Constellation also.

    For crabs, I suggest Bo Brooks, Obrycki's or Mo's. Phillips and the Rusty Scupper are downtown and decent (albeit pricey) but may not be as fun for the kids. I would also suggest a dinner in Little Italy. There are some really nice restaurants there. Sabatino's is one of my all time favs.

    Hotels downtown are expensive, but within walking distance of everything. The Renaissance is right near Harbor Place. My brother is retired Balto City and runs security down there so I have some knowledge of the ins and outs.

    Where is your family reunion at?

    Also, you won't have any issues carrying.


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      If you stay at the Marriott Renaissance as an LEO it will only be $120 a night as opposed to $200+ it usually is. Also, I know you want to stay in Baltimore, but you can always shoot down 45 min to DC and go to the National Zoo. With the warm weather now, it would be a lot of fun for them.


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        Thanks for the info guys!!! Exactly what I was looking for.

        My wife's grandparents live in Hampstead but the party is going to be in Hanover, PA, no idea why.


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          Hampstead is a nice part of Carroll County. Lots of farms and horses. I think its only about 20 minutes to Hanover straight up Hanover Pike so that makes sense. Make sure you take the kids to Pretty Boy Reservoir. It's gorgeous!

          You could stay in Baltimore County and be in the middle???


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            There are hotels in Owings Mills which is going to be about 15 from Hampstead, about 30-45 mins from Baltimore, about 45 to Hanover, and about 30 mins from BWI.


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              Just got home and wanted to say thanks again. Didn't have as much time in Baltimore as I'd hoped so we weren't able to see a ball game but we did go to the aquarium, on a couple of the historic ships, got crabs at Mo's, and walked all over the place, went shopping, etc. Had a great time, the kids loved all of it, and the weather was perfect. Also the folks we dealt with were all very nice and we had no issues whatsoever. It all made for a great day.


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                Glad you had a good time WC! Sounds like a great trip and adventure for the kids.

                Thanks for visiting Bal'mer Hon! ;-)


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