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Considering law enforcement, lots of questions, and introduction.


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  • Considering law enforcement, lots of questions, and introduction.

    My name is TJ. I live in Harford County, unfortunately at this time they are not hiring. By the the time the wife and I decided it woud work for us, I missed this past falls class. Im 32, 33 in sept. USAF veteran, honorably discharged after 4 yrs of service. I currently work as a generator tech, which is what I did in the USAF, but I miss the unity and feeling like you might have actually done something at the end of the day. Im very frustrated with civilian work, I have been for the past 9.5 yrs I've been out. I did go through a divorce and was remarried 4.5 yrs ago. I have thought about going back into the reserves but leaving what I have now behind for a year over seas is not appealing. I have it very good at home now and we are expecting our first (and most likely only due to our, my, age).

    With that said, my record is good. Near spotless except for a small amount of time my fiends and I regrettably destroyed some mailboxes. Dumb high-school kids with too much time on our hands. We went to arbitration and received 40 hrs community service. I was told it would not be on our records, which was a big concern of mine because a few months down the road I was leaving for the USAF. But now with a poly graph and questions on applications asking about those sort of things Im confused on how I should answer. I was never arrested. So was I actually convicted of a misdemeanor? How should I answer this? Is something like that even on my record then? How much would it affect my eligibility for any MD LEO postion?

    The other problem I have is my current employment. I am in great standing with them... However, after 9.5 yrs of employment with them I have seen a LOT of people come and go. They have become very spiteful of employees who are caught "looking". Ive talked with several employees who are more than willing to be individual references, but I just cant chance loosing my job if this does not go through. Especially in this economy. From what Im told, they actually gave a bad reference to a former employee who was applying for Harford Co. I have been offered references from retired Baltimore City, and county police.

    Any pointers, advice, links, websites, online education, etc any of you could offer would be great. My uncle is retired state police, so I know some of what its about, however, I still need to go out on a ride along.

    Do I even stand a chance at this, with all the combat vets coming home?

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    disclose the juvenile charges, just like you did here. tell them you were not arrested, but were charged, found guilty and did community service. that is not a big deal and i doubt they will even question you about it. expect your ex wife to be contacted, also.

    some agencies will take your concerns with you current employer into account and will hold off contacting them until you have progressed far enough to where you have a good chance at getting hired.


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      Your age, work history, and veterans status (education?) will help you, but like you said, it's tough getting hired these days. If you are only interested in HCSO, then wait for them to hire again. Otherwise, I encourage you to apply anywhere and everywhere you can. Once you get hired, trained, and some experience, you will be much more marketable and if HCSO takes laterals, you can try then.

      During the application process at any agency, you'll be be given a background packet to complete. Essentially your life on paper. Some are more in-depth than others, but all will ask about your criminal history, both "detected" and "undetected." You can check "no" to "Have you ever been arrested?" The time for your teenage exploits would likely be under the "have you ever committed any of the following crimes...(destruction of property)?" Explain what happened completely. Most agencies confirm your answers during a polygraph.

      As jvegas said, I can't see something like that being a problem for you as long as you are upfront and honest.


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        I heard HCSO was not hiring laterals at this time.
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          IMO, dont limit yourself to one agency. apply to several. get your foot in the door with the first one that hires you and then look to lateral after getting some experience. dont expect to get hired with the first place you apply to. Its a long, arduous process that can knock alot of motivation out of someone who is not prepared for rejection. go in knowing that you are competing with hundreds for a handful of spots.


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