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Washington County Sheriff's office


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  • Washington County Sheriff's office

    Anyone have an info on Washington County Sheriff's Office like salary scale, take home program, schedule, good and bad things?

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    The website for the Washington County Sheriff's Office is and has a lot of the information you are looking for (salary, benefits, etc.). A take-home program exists - I'm not sure of the exact stipulations but I believe that the vehicles must remain within county jurisdiction. For instance, there is no residency requirement; however, the car stays in Washington County. I know of a few deputies that leave cars at Hagerstown Regional Airport and then make the trip up here to PA to come home.

    I don't believe there are any current vacancies with the department; however, applications are accepted on a continued basis (cut off dates are April 1 and October 1) and testing will begin sometime in April to maintain a list of eligible applicants should the funding become available to supplement the current force. Best of luck to you.


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      Thanks, I checked out their website. I was looking for info on laterals. Im assuming since there is no information up on a laterals they are not accepting any. Thanks for the information.


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        I personally love the department. If they were hiring and I could get on it would be the department I would want.

        For laterals I believe you have to go through the same process as everyone else, however, you can contact Jim Wolfensberger. He is in charge of applicant processing and would be able to answer any questions.

        They should be doing testing again like they did last year. the cutoff for the application would be april 1 (which reminds me i need to call and confirm and turn in my app if they are testing again). they would have the written exam in april and the physical agility test in may.

        last year they processed people and knew they weren't hiring and even told us. However, I have talked to one or two other deputies and they say there will be a lot of people retiring over the next 1-5 years. Now it is a small department so a big retirement for them is 10-15 officers retiring. i think the department has around 200 between patrol and corrections and I believe there are around 80 patrol deputies.

        If you would be a lateral then you would be on top if you score well on the written exam. Last year when they did processing they started with around 100 people and only around 50 or less passed the written test but there was only about 25 of us that showed up to the physical agility test. After that was done there was only 18 or so of us on the list.

        let me know of any questions.


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