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    Ok, so just alittle about me. I'm 6'6 290 lbs, and I'm a college football prospect. I was wondering if there are any police depts in the state that have a weight standard in their hiring process. I know about some federal agencies having that. Just wondering if the state has it to? I'm obviously able to preform some duties a lot better than others being a good athlete in football and wrestling, and with being able to play in college most likely.

    I wanna deff try and slim down some, but for football purposes and sports wise for college. Its not an option. I have to keep benching more and more and getting faster and faster.

    I know about the US Army's standards and I think i would end up being about 15-20 lbs over... but thats not much to lose because they take into consideration waist size and neck size and others.
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    IMHO - As a 'long-ago' former comp. bodybuilder, I've foresaken some bodyweight/muscle mass to drop 20 pounds, to pass all the running portions of all fitness test at various LE agencies, without losing bench press power.
    If you can come well under the time/distance req., I presume that may be the first area to consider. As an example, I saw an applicant this weekend whom looked like a pro-footbal player, but did not make the cut to get to the written exam portion. He was well over 240 at 6' 2"


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