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PG county ride along?


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  • PG county ride along?

    Im thinking of applying to PG county, and was looking on their website for a ride along but could not find anything. Do they have a form, or do I need to go to a station for one?

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    I would call the station and ask. Most agencies do not include ride-alongs on their sites.

    What you will probably have to do is, if it's like how it is at my agency, is basically go into the station and fill out a form, then go through a background/criminal history check before being assigned to an officer for a ride.
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      A ride along is actually required for the application process for PG (I'm almost all the way through). You will probably get the forms during your initial interview (step after written/PAT) so if you want to wait until then you can. If you want a ride along sooner, I'd say go to the district station you want to ride with and ask them there.


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        I did one years ago when I was going to lateral there, I think I had to go to the station and get the form.


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          A ride along is a part of the application preocess. When you advance to that step they will provide the information for you, I did mine after I met with Applicant Investigations Group (AIG). The officer with whom you ride will fill do an evaluation after the ride along is complete. If you want to ride prior to this go to the county website, the phone numbers and addresses for each district station are listed. It used to be a requirement for the ride to be done on a line station (Dist I, III, IV) on a friday or saturday evening shift. They changed this policy but I highly suggest that you try do to yours on a warm weekend night at a line station.


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            Each station has the form. It has to be approved through the station NCO. If you are in the hiring process, the background investigator will give you the paperwork and advise you how to set up your ride along. If you decide to go, I recommend going to a line station (borders DC) where you will usually see a lot more.
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