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    Hey, I was just curious as to the polygraph system Maryland uses. What kind of questions do they ask? Do all departments use them? I have no experiance in it as not to many departments dont use them in NY, NJ.
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    All kinds of questions, tell the truth, and be yhonest is about all the advise i can give.


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      Originally posted by NYRESCUE View Post
      What kind of questions do they ask? Do all departments use them?
      May want to reword before the mod comes in and ads his 2 cents. Poly questions won't be given out. Just come completely clean with the questioning by the investigator immediately prior to the exam itself.

      Secondly, the mod will prob come in telling you that there are plenty of threads started here about that, and the search feature would satisfy your answer. I am sure small municipalitites can't afford to use them but be sure that majority of county depts as well as the MSP will use it. If you go to the site of specific depts, they lay the whole process out for you in steps.
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        in maryland, all depts are required by MPCTC to use a polygraph. any question you can fathom can and probably will be asked. its a standard poly with control questions and then Background info questions.


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          They even ask if you researched the poly online. At least mine did.

          Just be truthful and don't stress about it.


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