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  • State Police Tattoo Policy

    Does anyone happen to know what is their policy on tattoos?

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    Body art to the head, neck, and facial area is prohibited. Body art cannot contain nudity, profanity, or be perceived as gang related, criminal, obscene, sexual, racial or detract from the professional image of the Department. Body art which is visible on the hands and/or arms while wearing a short sleeve uniform must be able to be completely covered by a single 3X5 index card.
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      In 1972 when I started out any tattoo that was visible while wearing the duty uniform was a disqualifier. The duty uniform at that time was long sleeved shirts and necktie (year round), so obviously there have been some changes.

      In recent years I have seen uniformed officers with full sleeve tats, neck tats, and a few that were at least borderline offensive. Never would have been acceptable in the 1970's, but it is obviously a whole new world out there.

      I spent nearly two years in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and a few other places with world class tattoo artists willing to perform their work on every square inch of my glorious young body for maybe a carton of Marlboros and a buck or two. I never had the least inclination to do so. Just old fashioned I suppose.

      Quick question: Department has one opening left to fill and two remaining candidates, both with comparable background, education, test scores, etc. One appears for the oral board clean cut and professional looking, the other shows up with visible tats on his hands, wrists, and neck. Which one do you think will get hired?

      Hint: Everyone on the interview committee is a supervisory or command officer, all with 20-plus years on the job. One has "MOM with a heart" tattoo on his shoulder. One has the Marine globe and anchor on his arm. One has his Army combat unit patch on his back. One has a rose on her left boob under the bra-line. Three out of five wear wedding rings and two have grandchildren.
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