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  • probation and parole question

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the site and looking for a little advice. I am finishing up my masters degree in sociology in May 2010 and looking to be a probation and parole officer once i am done. Im looking to either work in the covington, west bank, east bank, or new orleans office. I am familiar with all of the areas, but not with the politics of each. So i am looking for any advice as to which offices to consider and maybe which ones to not, or are there really any differences? Any advice in regards to probation and parole would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Coincidentally I am becoming very interested in working with juveniles as a probation officer. That would be fantastic!

    I could use some general information on what kind of politics a probation officer has to deal with. When I went through mine for a year for a marijuana offense, I remember it being pretty secluded, and the people teaching the Vasap classes were really cool, and they were very helpful and enthusiastic about giving us ways to fulfill our community service, which leads me to believe that there is very little politics watching over them, perhaps, as long as they get good results.

    I will need to research a bit more, but what exactly could the politics you speak of entail that would differ based on the area?

    Also, are there job openings for this opening up? I saw a juvenile job in monroe and in shrevport only.

    Dbone1, is this an armed position? Also, what civil service did you take or what will you need to take? I did a search and saw the 9333 PET test is required, but maybe not the probation officer test, which seems interesting to me.


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      Originally posted by dbone1 View Post
      Hello everyone,
      I am new to the site and looking for a little advice. I am finishing up my masters degree in sociology in May 2010 and looking to be a probation and parole officer once i am done. Im looking to either work in the covington, west bank, east bank, or new orleans office. I am familiar with all of the areas, but not with the politics of each. So i am looking for any advice as to which offices to consider and maybe which ones to not, or are there really any differences? Any advice in regards to probation and parole would be much appreciated. Thank you!


      I've used to work out of the West bank office about 7 years ago and I still have many friends that work out of the westbank and eastbank office, infact both district administrators are friends of mine so if you have a specific question please feel free to ask and I can see what I can come up with.

      As far as politics go when I left it was your basic office politics nothing really extreme. Now politics outside the office is a different story, and if you know anything about Louisiana politics you will more than likely be in the middle of it.

      Great agency, I left for one reason, because of the pay. If I was earning more money I would still be there. Also the retirement is very good.

      As far as Juvenile probation it is a totally different beast and I can't answer any questions about them other than they are more social work driven.


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        You worked in my area, which POST academy did you attend?
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          I think working with the young adults would be awesome, and teaching that Vasap class. I don't think I'd ever want to do anything else, honestly, just kind of train people on the side, maybe write a bit, and teach that class and go home to my soon to be wife and hey thats a good life! Lol

          I'll have to research more


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            Sounds like a good plan!


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              Let me give you my 25cents on so called Juvenile-Justice

              Juvenile probation as far as I can see is an absolute joke. I does not work and is a disgrace to call it a justice system.

              There is zero room. We have a large parish, one of the largest adult correctional facilities in the state however, our JDC that we use which is conviently located here locally only holds 36, we can fill up 36 in dire need of a bed there from one neighborhood in one city, let along the parish and also SURROUNDING parishes mind you.

              Translation, arrest, and meeting with the judge equals ZERO lockdown time. Back to mommy and daddy or morelike back to grandma who can't control the out of control teen. The teen is put on probation, the teen continually and regularly violates probation, even being arrested for other crimes while on probation, and the Probation officer can only bark he has no teeth to bite. He wags his finger in the face of the teen and continues to threaten him with harsher punishment, but the harshest he can inflict is to say, your going to stay on probation longer, and if you keep it up, we're going to send you to lock up (which can't happen). We can fill 36 beds quickly with serious crimes that burglary, drug dealing and below crimes basically go un punished until they are arrested at 17 and can get into the big boy system. I only arrest juveniles if I absolutely HAVE TO. Such as he is caught so red handed holding the bloody knife and if it's a serious crime, then I arrest, again, if I feel I have zero choice. Anything else is a HUGE waste of time, and money. I seen a kid I arrested one time who had been linked via prints and one time blood to 19 burglaries. I arrested him after catching him on one in progress. He had been on probation already for 4yrs, been arrested for minor crimes here and there, fighting, disturbing the peace things like that, after it all and pleading guilty to all the burglaries and everything else, he received a whopping 45 days at some kind of RANCH!! The kid is 1 year away from being 17 and in the adult system. I figure since they will get away with murder anyway, lets just hold out until they're 17 and then have fun with them.

              Plus, I get calls all the time from guardians (hardly ever the parents) that their child is on probation and he left the house and has not returned. That he is suppose to be in the house by 6pm according to their probation. They call the probation officer and the probation officer tells them call the police. WTF, this kid is now THEIR responsibility, all I can do is find the kid and release him back to his guardian. I tell them always, call your probation officer back and tell him/her to do their job or be honest and tell you there is not jack zhit they can do about it at the moment. Oh, plus, Louisiana rules are JDC lock ups cannot call it lock up, or incarcerated, they are "in treatment", also when they do something in their dorm enviroment and get sent to a cell lock up it has to be called, "time out" not lock down or anything of that sort. They are allowed to have red, black or whatever color they want bandanas, even dice. They have playstations, Wii's, cell phones and anything they want. Juvenile justice is a JOKE! It hurts them because they think that is what jail is, they keep cutting up and when they turn 17 they have been set up for failure when they get in the real system. They need to experience what it will be like if they keep it up and don't change. This gives them a taste of adult jail life, but able to still go to school (in house) and have their record clean as an adult, a 2nd chance to fly right. As of now they are set up for failure with the touchy feely, "treatment". My 25 cents
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                Creole ,I swear we were seperated at the hip,You are 1000%correct,and it has/will always be that way it seems,especially with the PP officers.Had 1 call a few weeks ago for assistance,was supposed to begin serving her time at Florida parishes detention center (2 parishes away) and didn't show up.Went ,found her,short foot pursuit,get her to the office,call the agent.Agent says "what you calling me for??take her to Fla. parishes",I dont have time,Scuse me??,it is YOUR problem,I do not have the time nor the inclination,to leave my parish shorthanded on patrol for 2 hours,in order to do your job for you,should have seen the expression on the girls face when I opened the door and said "Buh bye",I than called the PP supervisor and let him know,the mother eventually got her there,dont know what happened to the agent.
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                  We have a Juveniles crime section that gets to deal with that crap, we turn it all over to them. I hate dealing with juveniles, honestly the laws are so skewed toward them unless it's a felony. Even then it's like pulling teeth to get charges not dropped to "probation", which is an absolute joke around here. I routinely run juveniles who have 17's for things which would send a normal probationer back to jail.

                  I did have a nice moment a few months back. Caught this kid who was doing a bunch of 64G's around Manhattan and Lapalco. Would run up, point a gun, take cash, jewelery, wallet and flee into the woods . Finally caught him one night after he tried to rob an off duty Levee District Police officer. He tells us he will be out tomorrow, that he's a "kid" and the worst they can do to him is put him on house arrest. Well, turns out junior didn't realize you're considered an adult at 17, not the 18 he thought. He got to go to big boy jail, and I'm sure he loved it.
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                    When I lived in Virginia (*ducks)... I was searched by an officer once that asked me if I have heard of (insert guy's name here) that I actually DID know personally, I just forget his name.

                    The reason this is significant is that this guy was starting a quite large group of teenagers (he was a teenager himself) that met and discussed life and prayed for each other and such.

                    Somehow, the culture that was "cool" was with this kid. HE was cool.

                    Anyway, I want to give these juveniles (since adults probably won't listen to me....) a way to express themselves without having to resort to violence or drugs.

                    I want to A, teach them to defend themselves and have some confidence.
                    B: Teach them to breakdance, something they can compete in, or form bands... WHATEVER I HAVE TO.

                    I mean really this is for me, to get people who want to follow a "warriors code" around me so they can keep MY Lazy *** accountable.

                    I want to work with the probation office, and the law enforcement in my area, to send me these kids, for everyone's benefit.

                    I just need a venue. I need some advice as to what is legal. Can I have juveniles meeting at a venue without parent's permission? Can I teach people to defend themselves? If I worked with the probation office, would this be allowed?

                    I just remember a few cops that have really served as role models in my troubled youth.

                    Perhaps someone interested would like to look at my blog/group website that talks about this warrior code idea and forming together as a group seeking honor etc... Police have their society, the samurai, the knights of Europe, I simply seek to unite a group that IMO has a serious lacking of role models, direction, inspiration, and honor. And maybe they'll keep my *** from being lazy as well.

                    What do yall think?


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