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  • Gustav

    Just heard that we're going to 7/12s effective immediately (EBRSO). Workin dog's right now 1800-0600. Was gonna be off Mon & Tues then rotate back to Days Wed & Thur. We rotate every 2 weeks. So I'll be on nights for the foreseeable future, and the storm is predicted to make landfall while we're working Mon night.

    Looks like we're directly in the path of the worst. My wife and kids will stay home, I bought a generator 3 days ago and 30 gallons of gas. I'm not likin this one bit. I don't mind working it, kinda exciting actually, but I know it's gonna be bad and my wife's gonna be home with my just my 2 kids.

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    Originally posted by Hellbender
    LSU fan 71,

    My agency (Va. Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries) is sending 30 people tomorrow to help you guys out. I am on the waiting list if we send a second wave. Good luck to all of you guys and be safe!
    Will be glad to get the help. We had fun hangin out with quite a few out-of-state guys and some national guard troops after Katrina.


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      Don't feel alone, we're starting 12's Monday night. But, I'm already on nights so it won't be that big of a change for me. We've also got Troopers coming up from all over south Texas to help out a bit further north.

      I really feel for you folks in La., this isn't exactly the best time.

      The real sh**ty part is that there is one more behind it, and two more in the eastern Atlantic. This sucks.


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        God bless all of our police. You will be in my prayers. Please stay safe.


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          US Park Police has a ESF ready to go with 20 some members. We have been asked to assist FEMA and be ready to support the National Park Service with any assistance they need with their local sites..

          Our thoughts and prayers are with all our courageous brothers and sisters in Blue, Green and red who are riding out the storm in the south .....

          Gods speed to all LE and Public safety personnel and thier families.


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            Well I have to say thanks to everyone who came and worked with The Baton Rouge P.D. we were on 12s (switched from 10s) working extra days and we couldn't have did it without the national guard and the other agencies helping us out.

            I have to say its alot easier to deal with an something like this with good people. In N.O. when i went to help I was shot at. With this I drove down the search and couldn't go anymore because of the people attempting to give me food and water and anything they had.

            thanks to all
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