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Drug Dealing in Lexington,Louisville,London,Ky AREA


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  • Drug Dealing in Lexington,Louisville,London,Ky AREA

    What makes people from N,KY think that they can go to these areas especially Rural parts and get by with drug dealing there easier than around here in N,KY..

    I just found out that a co-workers step daughter was found in Lexington around 630 am this morning non responsives O.D on oxycodone,morphine, herion, still non-responsive possobly brain dead, this is sad this girl is around 18-20..

    My question is why has our society let drugs get on the streets so bad I blame the Drs for writing large amounts of pain meds.and patients jumping from Dr to dr getting meds, and the Drs. not running Kasper reports sooner and finding out people are shopping. Every time I can report a patient to one of our Drs. when they slip up and give to much infor. I do.

    How do you feel about this as a Crime fighting Society & What do you think should be done to stop it or at least try & control it more??

    Becareful and be safe..
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    Dang she took all that at once!
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      Originally posted by lpstopper View Post
      Dang she took all that at once!

      Yes she did and it is sad to say that the boyfriend went back to the hotel they where staying in and packed up and left so I hear, I hear there is a warrant out for his arrest in Boone Cty for bad checks...Sad she had to have a baby 6mths before all this......

      What is the name of the Drug force or strike in KY, I am making out my WILL and I know this is going to sound stupid but I am not leaving my 1/2 of my house to some church or hospital............I HATE DRUGS and would like to leave it to the KY Drug strike Force I think it is????
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