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    Good evening, My name is David Hamilton and im running as a "Write In" candidate for Third Dist. Constables office here in Jefferson County.

    Let me give some background on me before i explain why im posting. I've been an EMT for 11 years here in Kentucky, I've also have held EMT credintals for Indiana and the National Registry, I have a CCDW and a TWIC card, and at one time had FFA Clearance when I work as an EMT out at the Airport and NERC Clearance for LG&E, I've been working in the private sector as Security/EMT for about 3 years now(Rubbertown,LG&E,and verious other sites.)

    Now for the reason why im posting, as i said above I'm running as a Constable for the Jefferson County, Now i dont need to explain to the Law Enforcement Community why having someone in a position as this, and has no training or does not seek the training to do the job is very bad and has the potental to be put into a very dangerous situation, I gave my background to show that i understand the need for training and having the correct training to do a certain fuction. As an EMT, I can provide emergency care at any accident i pull up on or come accross while out and about or if im at an event such as community fairs, events at the local parks, etc.

    As far as Law Enforcement, i have zero training in that area and i would not even want to try to do anything that has to do with Law Enforcment. But because of the type of Role that a Constable is I do plan on getting that training as I go ,should I win.

    One of the most important goals i want to do is create a set of SOP's that spell out what i will and will not do at the start, subject to update due to training and have these approved by the Metro Council/Mayor

    My other goals are more Community and Security Based, see below for a few examples.

    First Aid/CPR Training
    Firearm/CCDW Training
    Community Watches
    Cemetary Watches
    Buisness Checks afterhours

    My concern is what the other two candidates who are running plan on doing or not doiing if they win, I have no idea and that concerns me.

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