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Getting out of a contract


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  • Getting out of a contract


    Just wanted some feedback on getting out of a contract. Anybody been there done that? What are the odds? Have to go to court? etc....Any info at all is appreciated. Long story short...I was hired by an agency, sent to the academy, & signed a 3 contract stating I would not go to another department. I wasn't doing that well at the department according to them and myself. I say this not based on integrity or impropriety issues. I was just having a hard time grasping some things at this particular department. They have a reputation for being real strict and micro managing you. Anyways, I resigned. I was not fired. I got hired at a different department, to which I've been told will be much better. Now, The old department says I owe them thousands of $$$ because I went to work for another department. I tried to get them to release me from the contract to which they refused. My argument is that I wasn't succeeding at this department (by their and my standards) and therefore should not be penalized for quitting and going somewhere else. It's not like my intentions were to use them and then take the training elsewhere. It simply worked out the way it did.

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    You may want to speak with an attorney who handles contractual law. If you signed the contract, you really need to fulfill it if at all possible.

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