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  • 12 Hour Shifts

    I posted this in the squad room, as well, but wanted to see if I could get any feedback from KY departments.

    I am curious for those who run 12 hours shifts (assuming 84 work hours per 14 day pay period) how are you compensated for hours 81-84. Are the paid at straight time, time and half or comp time?

    We are considering switching to 12's and this is a major question our administration is wanting to address.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm in Indiana but I will give you an example of how our 12-hour schedule works:

    Our pay period begins on a Saturday, So we work 12 hours on saturday, 8 hours on Sunday, off Mon-Tue, work 12 hours Wed-Thur, off Fri, Sat, Sun, 12 hours Mon-Tue, off Wed-Thur, then 12 hours Friday and the schedule starts again for Saturday. One week we work 44 hours, the next week we work 36, this is done in a 28 day pay period and gives us a total of 160 hours for the pay period. We work 8 hour Sunday's so there will be no 84 hour pay periods, unless obviously you work over and all that. Hope this helps. By the way, our guys would KILL if we went away from 12 hour shifts.
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