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    Does anyone know what shifts they work? 8's, 10's, rotating, etc? Also, when do find out which duty station you will be assigned to?

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    8 hour shifts. Outside of the metro area you are scheduled for "days" or "nights", meaning you have about a 3 hour window where you can come out any time during that time (i.e. 5am to 8am for day shift). In the metro areas, you are usually assigned a specific time to come to work.

    As for schedules, we just changed in the KC area to a week of days, week of nights, repeat. I work 7 nights, 2 off, 8 days, 4 off. I get every third weekend off that way. It's not a very good schedule though.

    The old schedule, and what other parts of the state are currently on, is the same 7 on/2 off, 8 on/4 off, but you start you week on nights, have a "turn around day" in the middle (1pm to 9pm), then finish on day shift. It sucks too because for about 3 days all you do is work and sleep. They're working on our schedules to improve it now, so we'll see what happens.

    You find out where you're going to be stationed when they give you your conditional offer of employment. You can choose to accept it or turn it down. You may train in a different county than you'll actually work once you're out on your own, depending on where you're stationed.

    You cannot put in for a voluntary transfer until you have 3 years on the Patrol. They generally don't move people around like some other states do. They would only move you for the good of the patrol (like you lost your credibility in court or something) or for a promotion or if you want to move.

    I hope that helps.


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      When I worked out there KHP was working 6/3, 8.5 hour shifts, when did that change? We modeled that at my department but I guess they recently changed to 4/3, 10 hour shifts.


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        We had discussed the 4-10 hour shifts but that never came around. Instead we are now working 12-hour shifts. This schedule takes a lot of getting used to. The only advantage for the officers is that we get every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.
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          That sucks...but I guess I'll take that as an excuse why I never here from you!!


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