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    Hey all,

    I am attending a course at KLETC (Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center) this week, and I've been told I'll be staying in one of single occupancy rooms. However, the "confirmation letter" that was supposed to be sent in the mail to me has not arrived at my home address or in my work mailbox at the station. I am unsure about the policy/procedures in regards to attending classes at KLETC.

    As far as staying in the dorms, is there a particular time frame for you to "check-in"? Do I need to bring anything other than personal hygeine stuff? What about equipment I need to bring/shouldn't bring (gun, badge, duty belt, etc).

    I've called the business office and left a message, no call returned. I've tried calling the security desk, and no answer. So I'm hoping someone on here has been there and can help me out on what to expect.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be my travel day to go there.


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    Sorry if this is too late. You can bring whatever gear you want, and they should have check in about an hour before your class starts. If you are already certified i believe you are allowed to carry in the academy. Individuals who are going through the basic academy are required to lock up their firearms. The academy provides sheets, blanket, you'll need to bring a pillow and more blankets, the dorms get cold.


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      I went through the academy but it was a long time ago. It was only 5 weeks when I went, if that tells you anything. I had been hired as a deputy sheriff in Shawnee County. I spent 30 years with the agency. The academy was great, and the food at the time was awesome as it was provided by local ladies. It is not that way now. I believe the academy is 10-11 weeks. We have had a number of young deputies go through it. It is a good academy. Some larger LE agencies have their own academies now.


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        Other than attending the academy and graduations, I don't remember ever going back to KLETC for in service.


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