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KS LEOS, PLease read....


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  • KS LEOS, PLease read....

    KS LEOS,
    Please take the time to read and picture you, your partner, buddy or loved one, (sometimes all 3), in a ditch on the side of the road being told to beg for his/her life even though it will do no good.....
    Please follow up at the bottom of the letter
    Crass Cop

    The following correspondence is forwarded to you at the request of Chief Dick Heitschmidt and KACP President Jim Daily for your consideration of its request, by murdered KHP Trooper O'Brien's brother, to protest the killer's parole. For your convenience, the mailing address and e-mail address for the KS Parole Board are provided below.

    March 24, 2011

    Dick Heitschmidt

    Police Chief

    Hutchinson, Ks


    As per our earlier discussion, the man who murdered my brother, Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Conroy O'Brien on May 24, 1978 at Matfield Green on the Kansas Turnpike is up for parole. Under the current sentencing guidelines, Jimmy K. Nelms would be executed for this crime. However as a result of the sentencing guidelines in 1978, he first became eligible for parole in 1993, just 15 years into his sentence and every 5 years he comes up for parole. He has been in prison for 33 years and I feel the longer this goes on, the more likely he is to be paroled.

    I want to give you the details of May 24th, 1978. My brother pulled over a vehicle for speeding. It had 3 passengers. One on parole named Jimmy K. Nelms, one escaped convict from GA. named Walter Myrick and a 3rd man who turned states witness and did not participate in the killing. Myrick died in prison in 2009. The one who turned states evidence was released from prison after 7 years. The ring leader of the group was Nelms. Nelms is the one that pulled the trigger and inflicted the following on my brother. Jimmy Nelms walked Conroy into the ditch, pistol whipped him leaving a fractured skull from the whipping. Tried to get him to beg for his life. Shot him twice in the head with a 357 magnum. Once Conroy had been executed, Nelms spit on Conroy while he lay dying in the ditch at mile marker 94.5 on the Kansas Turnpike. These details are in the trial transcripts.

    After executing Conroy, they stopped at a young farmers house around 5 A.M., the following account is again documented in trial manuscripts. Their plan was to steal a car and kill the family in the home to prevent them from reporting a stolen vehicle. Nelms knocked on the door but the farmhouse had window air conditioning units running and the farmer did not hear the knock. The only reason that Nelms did not break the door down is because he had been told that Kansas farmers come to the door with a shotgun He didn't break the door down because he thought he would be met with a shotgun blast. If not for that, a young couple along with young children would of been slaughtered as well on the morning of May 24, 1978

    Nelms was on parole at the time of the murder. The prosecuting attorney said at the time, that the system was as much responsible for Conroys death as the actual killers. Nelms had been let out on parole with a rap sheet that should of kept him in prison to never see the light of day again in 1978.

    Here we are again, up for parole. No doubt if Nelms is released every law enforcement officer will be put at risk if they cross this mans path.. My request to you Dick is to write a letter personally to the parole board asking them to deny parole to Jimmy K. Nelms. My second request if you would please forward this letter to as many law enforcement departments and officials across the state of Kansas and give them the opportunity to send their letters making the same request . Dick , I have no doubt others will die if this man sees the light of day and is set free. I have no doubt, that law enforcement will be at risk. What makes this guy so deadly is that he is a charmer. He has charmed one parole board, it cost my brothers life. I witnessed his charm in 1978 during his trial, 3 piece suit, taking notes, yes sir , no sir, only to see him unravel into a vile, evil, wicked creature when he got set off in the court room.

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your assistance. I am putting the address where to send the letters. Kimberly Marotta is with the victims services and she will take and hand deliver all letters personally to each of the 3 board members. Only one copy needs to be sent. She will make duplicates of each letter and make sure each board member gets individual copies.

    I am also listing my address below. I would appreciate a copy of the letters sent by each dept to read and share with family and friends, they can be mailed physically or emailed. I also would like the opportunity to contact each department and thank them personally as well as inform them of the results of the parole hearing scheduled for April 20th in Hutchinson.

    Kindest Regards

    Kelvin O'Brien
    4028 Windwood Lane

    Nashville, Tn. 37214


    [email protected]

    Please address letters to:

    Kansas Parole Board

    Mail or e-mail letters to:

    Office of Victim Services

    Kimberly Marotta

    Kansas Dept. of Corrections

    900 SW Jackson Suite 400

    Topeka, Ks. 66612

    [email protected]
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