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Ever have one of the days..


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  • Ever have one of the days..

    Where your in the right spot at the right time.

    On my way to help with the parade. I stop and get a pop before i get to the PDI do a traffic stop at 10:00 am and and Get an OWI 3rd offense. I get back into town 2hrs later and stop and get gas. I get a owi 2nd offense...All within 50 yds of each other and all before 2pm....What a start to a day!!

    1st lady blew a .20 at 10am!!
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    haha... its funny you mention that. going across a bridge in my town on friday night, had a guy at 41/25 and turn on him.... i get turned around and i see my sgt. about a block behind already turning on him, he had him at 42/25(bastard stole him from me). popped him for OWI 3rd. i had another OWI later that night and two last night... still doing reports.

    One of the people last night (a lady) came to the PD to make a complaint... standing there talking with her and she wasted... asked her how she got here and she points to her car outside and says she drove. Did all the test and she failed and she datamasters .086... needless to say she was F*$king ****ed about going to jail... sometimes its just to easy haha
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      Originally posted by lewy15 View Post
      she datamasters .086...
      So close, only .001 to go! LOL


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        Originally posted by CCB2002
        Thumbs up!..out of curiosity ICPD what is your count on odubbs since the academy..counting your double hitter this weekend.

        Not that i'm keeping score but I'm at 4


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