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  • Getting an offer...

    I've applied with a hand full of agencies and always recieved nothing or the single piece of paper that says thanks but no thanks. So when you actually received an offer from an agency – how did it happen?
    Did the Chief call you? An administrative/human resources person call you? Get a big packet in the mail? A small packet? A single piece of paper saying congrats and mores coming? I was just wondering how it happened from everyone else.

    I’m waiting to hear from the DPS if that’s any help.

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    I just got a conditional offer on thursday. had a interview a few nights before then the chief called me in the next day and asked if i wanted a job.


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      I got a call from one of the captains asking if i was still interested and if i could come in for an interview. I drove the 1.5 hours to the city and had my interview. They said they would get back to me. about 30 mins later they called and asked if i wanted it.


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        I initially got the letter and then a few months later another position opened up. The chief found me at the gym. Offered me the job and told me my academy start date. Started two weeks later and two weeks after that I was in the academy.



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          Just got the "kiss of death" letter from the DPS. Sucks that the process is sooooo long then to get shot down at the last moment. Hope you get better news than I did. Good luck.
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