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Sheriff's dispatcher fired for sexual comments


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  • Sheriff's dispatcher fired for sexual comments


    A Cedar County Sheriff's Department dispatcher has been fired after being accused of repeatedly behaving in a sexually suggestive or inappropriate manner.

    State unemployment records show that dispatcher Amy Willey, 29, of Lowden was fired by the sheriff late last year. Her dismissal became public only recently after the county challenged her claim for unemployment benefits.

    State records indicate the sheriff's department alleged that during her two years of employment, Willey made sexual comments regarding her breasts and other parts of her anatomy, sent a text message of naked people painted like frogs, called a Durant city police officer to find out whether his penis was pierced, discussed sex toys, grabbed her buttocks and breasts while at work, and advised an officer who had recently broken up with his girlfriend that he should make sure his "pipes don't get rusty."

    The sheriff's department alleged that Willey, who was married, was using an office phone to converse with a married city police officer while she was on duty. The conversations allegedly were of a flirtatious nature, which caused tension in the sheriff's office. Willey took the calls on a tape-recorded line, and two of the calls from last December were made public during her recent unemployment hearing.

    In both calls, the city police officer indicated he was on duty, but bored with little to do. Willey said she was watching TV, but interrupted her conversation with the officer to field radio calls from Cedar County deputies.

    Both conversations were peppered with profanities and gossip about accident victims. Willey referred to a colleague's alleged affairs with other law enforcement officers, adding, "You didn't hear it from me."

    Willey gave the officer inside information on a job he applied for within the sheriff's office, offered to make him cookies and enchiladas, and indicated that she had asked her husband for a divorce.

    "The problem is, if I was offered a job there, I couldn't have an extra-marital relationship," the officer told Willey.

    Willey was subsequently fired for inappropriate behavior and for sharing with others confidential medical information about a colleague.

    Willey didn't testify at her unemployment hearing, but told The Des Moines Register her conduct was no worse than that of other employees.

    She said the department tracked fatalities handled by individual dispatchers and at the year-end Christmas party would recognize the dispatcher with the highest number of deaths on her shift.

    "I got the raw end of the deal," she said. "There's other people that should have got let go, got fired, for sleeping on the job - stuff like that. They should have been fired."

    Cedar County Sheriff Warren Wethington said the department doesn't recognize dispatchers for fatalities on their shift.

    "That would be immoral," he said. "I have disciplined people for sleeping on duty, and I haven't had any repeat offenses."

    The administrative law judge who presided over the hearing ruled in favor of the county, finding that Willey was guilty of misconduct and should be denied benefits.
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    Looks like she shoulda FOCUS'd a little bit better before she appealed it.


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