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2 city cops+2 deputies+1 trooper= a lot of paper work


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  • 2 city cops+2 deputies+1 trooper= a lot of paper work

    The total number was 74... and unfortunately, or fortunately I went home at 10 that night...

    Emmet County Authorities Bust Underage Drinking Party; 70 Young People Cited
    (Estherville)-- Emmet county authorities say they busted a big underage drinking party early this (Thursday) morning, issuing citations to 70 young people in the process. Two wound up being arrested and taken to jail.

    Estherville police, the Iowa State Patrol and Emmet County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant on a residence at 21 South First Street in Estherville at 12:30 a.m.

    Authorities say it stemmed from a traffic stop earlier Wednesday evening in which the driver of the vehicle that was pulled over escaped into the house. The officer pursued the suspect to the door of the residence where he saw several underage persons in possession of alcohol inside. Authorities then applied for and were granted a warrant to search the residence.

    As a result of the search, authorities issued citations to five people for keeping a disorderly house. They included Jordan Person age 18 of Estherville, Zakkary Banmer age 19 of Estherville, Mitchell Wagner age 20 of Estherville, Cody Nachreiner age 19 of Sleepy Eye, MN, and Devin Bollig age 19 of Estherville.

    Charged with Frequenting a disorderly house were: From Estherville, Victor DeJesus age 19, Jean Russell age 18, Pricilla Quintana age 18, Tim Thurston age 20, Andrew Gobel age19, Javier Ortiz-Roig age 20, Jose Marado-Maldonado age 21, Demarko Jones Jr. age 18, Hector Gonzales-Clutterbuck age 20, Braxton Dahl age 18, Ronaldo Camacho-Colon age 20, William Hernandez age 20, and William Dawkins age 20.

    Iowa residents include: BreeAnn Hageman age 18 of Ossain, Shayna Geitzenauer age 19 of Lone Rock, Paige Dean age 22 of Spirit Lake, Yvette Sanchez age 18 of Orange City, Mitchel Sparks age 19 of Albia, Colten Caven age 21 of Spencer, Wendy Mercado age 18 of Maurice, Nina Gerken age 21 of Dolliver, Phillip Smith age 20 of Lime Springs, Kyle McIntyre age 18 of Decorah, Jordan Eggers age 18 of Dolliver, Trevor Bartusek age 19 of Osage, Leah Flaharty age 19 of Dickens, and Breana Rogne age 19 of Spirit Lake.

    Out of State residents were: Aaron Jensen age 18 of Champlin, MN, Timothy Francisco age 19 of Elgin, OK, Matthew Catalano age 19 of Erial, NJ, Jordan Merritt age 18 of Sioux Falls, SD, Dorian Johnson age 19 of Milwaukee, WI, James Funk age 26 of Paulsboro, NJ, , Jaryd Morks age 18 of Cottage Grove, MN, Alex Brodersen age 19 of Grand Forks, ND, Brett Muron age 18 of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, Sheena Rojas age 20 of Miami, FL, Morgan Davis age 19 of Bothell, WA, Christoper Rivera age 19 of Orlando, FL. Austin Lindsay age 18 of Whitman, MA, Luis Rodriguez age 19 of Framingham, MA, Trevor Suter age 23 of Paulsboro, NJ, James Burrell age 18 of Cottage Grove, MN, Trevor Sanquan Smith age 20 of Decatur, GA.

    19-year-old Nathan Silfies of Correctionville was arrested and charged with interference with official acts, public intoxication and frequenting a disorderly house.

    Also arrested was 19-year-old Edward Pietan of Elma, Iowa. He was charged with frequenting a disorderly house.

    Both Silfies and Pietan were booked into the Emmet county jail.

    19 people were cited for possession of alcohol under the legal age. They include Michael Hansen, Jahsua Marsh, Rowan Stander, Chad Hansen, Travis Schur, Samantha Johnson, Tanner Minscar, Breanna Grourley, Timothy Moon, Christopher Fitzpatrick, Michael Berardesco, Sean Millard, Logan Eliason, Mathew Radig, Jeffrey Pell, Moriah Peyton, Bradley Deling, Kayla Christopherson, and Autumn Simonsen. The ages and addresses for this list of suspects was not available at this time

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    That is awesome lol

    Also what is the code section for disorderly house


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      Did one of those many years ago at Lake McBride, North of Iowa CIty........Johnson County called for help and about 7 Linn County Deputies, 5 or 6 Johnson Co, several troopers & a couple park rangers had fun.
      I spent almost all my shift in Johnson Co transporting and booking them in the county jail

      Fun times.............NOT
      My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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        Hmmm....someone played by the rules.

        Cudos for getting paper and entering the house the way the courts like it.

        Cant say I'd ever be inclined to obtain a SW for under age drinking.


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          Be more fun to find a way just to scare the hell out of them, and watch them scatter like a flock of spooked hens!

          I went to my share of parties and "keggers" when I was in high school, but I saw a lot of the negative side effects of those, to include but not limited to fights and drunk driving, and injuries from driving drunk or otherwise.

          Sounds to me like this place needs bulldozed; wasn't just a one time thing.
          Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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            Originally posted by lcpdwannabe View Post
            That is awesome lol

            Also what is the code section for disorderly house
            It's a city code.... 211-105(2)

            Disorderly House. The term “disorderly house” means any structure or any room
            therein, or any part of the premises adjacent thereto, in or upon which occurs any disorderly
            conduct as defined in Section 211-105 (1) B or any of the following prohibited
            A. The open storage, use, or consumption of a controlled substance as defined in
            Chapter 124 of the Iowa Code, under which possession of such substance would be
            an offense;
            B. Gambling in violation of Chapter 99B of the Iowa Code;
            ESTHERVILLE, IOWA II.1-5
            C. Dispensing, selling, or consumption of an alcoholic beverage in violation of
            Chapter 123 of the Iowa Code;
            D. Acts of prostitution, pimping, or pandering as defined in Chapter 725 of the Iowa


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              Must have been an ILCC party...................I don't see many local addresses
              It must have been a hard core party -------------------the PoPo was there chasing a subject....................then left and got a warrant................and the underage kids were STILL there when they pulled the warrant.

              When I was a kid at a party and the PoPol showed up--------------------and left without taking us with them, we got out of Dodge and found another party place.
              My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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                Most I ever had was around 40. Called parents for the minors, cited the adults, arrested the worst. Had lots of help. Didn't need a SW though.

                I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                  haha. I had a buddy that went to ILCC, and I remember him talking about the house parties. I was an ISU graduate, so we had our fair share, but hey when you turn 21, the bar scene calls. I don't think I have written one minor in possession of alcohol since I have been down here...


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