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  • Inidanapolis Airport PD


    They require you to have been to the ILEA, or an equivalent.

    Police Officer
    Location: US-IN-Indianapolis Posted Date: 07-18-08
    Category: ..

    More information about this job:

    Position: Police Officer

    Reports to: Sergeant


    The Police Officer is responsible for the enforcement of airport ordinances, FAA security regulations and state and federal criminal statutes.

    Communications and Interaction with Others
    • The public
    • Tenants
    • Co-workers
    • Other departments
    • Dispatcher
    • Supervisors
    • Contractors
    • Suppliers
    • Consultants
    • Licensees
    • FAA/TSA
    • Other law enforcement agencies
    • Government agencies

    Essential Functions
    • Assimilate the information given at the beginning of the shift concerning current activities, anticipated problems, and general matters of observation
    • Conduct repeated patrols on foot and in a patrol car while continuously monitoring radio traffic and other officers.
    • Observe the perimeter fencing of the airfield, businesses, and residential areas by patrol car, looking for unusual situations or hazardous conditions
    • Investigate on foot any suspicious situations
    • Walk terminal parking garage and adjacent areas for suspicious situations or hazardous conditions
    • Respond on foot or in a patrol car to all emergency situations, including, but not limited to, an injured person in the terminal, property or personal injury, traffic accidents, industrial accidents, domestic disputes, crimes in progress, and airport security breaches.
    • Respond in an appropriate manner to all emergency situations providing first aid/CPR, gathering information, or use the appropriate amount of diplomacy or force necessary to neutralize the situation
    • Complete the necessary paperwork, explaining in detail, reports concerning arrests, property accidents, personal injuries, criminal investigations, responses to any emergency call, and activities related to Police service performed.
    • Assist other law enforcement agencies in a back-up role in domestic disputes, traffic matters, or a potential arrest situation
    • Conduct escorts for VIPs, direct traffic, issue parking tickets and answer questions for the public
    • Perform any other functions assigned
    • Investigate crime or other circumstance


    Physical Tasks
    • Operate a motor vehicle in a regular or pursuit mode
    • Operate a computer keyboard, radio and other law enforcement communications systems
    • Operate firearms, utilizing both hands individually and together
    • Operate Police investigative equipment, such as cameras, radar gun, fingerprinting and I.D. devices
    • Operate office equipment
    • Climb stairs/ladders
    • Walk, crawl, sit, stand, stoop, bend, squat, push, pull, jump, run
    • Lift up to 100 pounds
    • See, hear, talk, write
    • Fight, handle a nightstick and be able to subdue another person
    • Have full physical dexterity and agility needed to effect arrests, subdue resisting individuals, chase fleeing suspects, lift and carry equipment, injured persons and force entry into buildings
    • Eye/hand coordination
    • Operate communications equipment, including radio, pager, MDT and telephone.
    • File/store

    Cognitive Tasks
    • Read and comprehend
    • Comprehend, retain and follow oral and written instructions
    • Exercise good judgment
    • Set priorities
    • Effectively communicate
    • Make informative and persuasive presentations
    • Delve into and assimilate detailed information
    • Negotiate
    • Master self discipline
    • Control high stress situations
    • Provide instructions
    • Direct
    • Listen
    • Analyze
    • Investigate
    • Problem solve
    • Fill in forms
    • Create
    • Make decisions
    • Be self-initiating

    Work Environment
    • Work independently
    • Work as a team
    • Outside and inside work sites
    • Exposure to all types of weather and temperature conditions
    • Exposure to dust, dirt, mud
    • Exposure to hazardous chemicals/infectious substances
    • Exposure to infectious/contagious diseases
    • Exposure to high stress situations
    • Exposure to life threatening situations
    • Multiple work sites
    • Shift work (ability to work alternative shifts)
    Preferred Education, Experience, and Skills
    • Graduation from a standard high school or possess an equivalency diploma (GED) issued by an accredited high school
    • Graduation from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy or a reciprocal institution
    • Education and experience that provides the knowledge, skills and ability to perform the duties of this position
    • Ability to perform all of the physical and cognitive tasks outlined in the job description
    • Ability to work alone, conducting self-initiated activities as necessary

    Required Licenses, Certificates, Conditions
    • Valid driver's license and demonstrated good driving record
    • Age 21 or over
    • Certified as a Police Officer by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy or a reciprocal institution
    • Uncorrected vision of 20/100 or better and corrected vision of 20/40 or better
    • Ability to perform all of the essential functions of the job outlined above without creating a direct threat to the safety of oneself or others
    • Clear criminal history/background check
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    -"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children will have peace." - Thomas Paine

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    Has anyone applied for this position before? How is the pay?


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      Whats the pay


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        I saw some year old info about the same position (on another forum). They quoted the pay as only being around 30K.
        -"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children will have peace." - Thomas Paine


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          And isn't this a private police-type company?
          Why are there so many babies on Creole, you and your buddy JPSO Recruit help me out on this one....

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            Yes, BAA is your boss. I picked up the application packet the last time they hired. After reading through it, I pitched it and never applied.


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              A little off the topic but I love the way "Indianapolis" is spelled for this forum.


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                Originally posted by towncop View Post
                And isn't this a private police-type company?
                That's a great question.

                The Airport has been operated by an English firm (BAA), but they are making a transition back to full operational management by the public Indianapolis Airport Authority (which had oversight over BAA).

                Like most Airport Police, you are a sworn officer, responsible for an actual public jurisdiction.
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                -"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children will have peace." - Thomas Paine


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                  Indianapolis Airport has been under Indiana Airport Authority for approximately a year now. We are not a private police department anymore. We are considered a government identity. I think new hire make approximately $32,500. If you don't have the academy or an academy excepted by ILEA don't even put in for the position. If anyone has a specific question email me and I will answer anything that I know. By the way, I have worked for them now approximately 3 years.


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                    Should have been accepted not excepted.


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                      ds4190....I got mine filled out online before speaking with you about it..PLEASE hook ole boy up!! I'll owe ya a big favor...Everything you said about it makes me want to get there ASAP


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                        Anybody know if they are still taking aps and if so, what the deadline is? I looked at the airport web site and it wasn't listed as a job they are currently hiring for.

                        Applied with them about a year and a half ago and never heard anything one way or another...They seem to be a little tough to get info' about. Thanks for any help.


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