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2 Southern Indiana Sheriff Deputies Shot


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  • 2 Southern Indiana Sheriff Deputies Shot

    "Joel White and Frank Denzinger of the Floyd County Sheriff's Department have been shot outside a home along the 6000 block of Rachel Court in Georgetown, according to Frank Loop of the sheriff's department. Police say they are searching for a 15-year-old suspect in the shooting.

    Police responded to a call at 6:17 p.m. in the 6000 block of Rachel Court in Georgetown of a domestic situation between a mother and a teenage boy in the home, Loop said. At 6:28 p.m., reports from one of the officers said they had both been shot outside the home.

    One of the injured officers spoke to dispatchers over the scanner and said he and another officer had been shot with a high-powered rifle from a

    subject inside the home. He told dispatchers his leg "was completely destroyed" and was "losing consciousness." He said the other officer was unconscious and hadn't moved since the shooting. The officer told police the shooter was still in the home. Police on the scene said the rifle was likely a M1 assault rifle.

    A helicopter arrived about 6:50 p.m. to pick up one of the injured officers to transport him to University Hospital in Louisville. Another officer was taken by ambulance to the hospital. As of 8 p.m., there were dozens of officers from agencies including New Albany Police, Louisville Metro Police, the Jeffersonville Police Department and Indiana State Police surrounding the house. White had been with the sheriff's department about 17 months; Denzinger was a four-year veteran, Loop said.

    About 25 homes in the area were evacuated and a half-mile perimeter around the house was secured by police. Officers were preparing to put gaseous chemicals in the house to drive out anyone inside, but Loop said they were uncertain if the shooter was inside the home or had fled. The mother of the teenager has been interviewed by police and is unharmed.

    A reporter and photographer are at the scene. Check back here for updates and in Tuesday's edition for a complete report."

    Keep these guys in your prayers as the search is still on for the 15-year old boy that shot them!
    Why are there so many babies on Creole, you and your buddy JPSO Recruit help me out on this one....

    * "Preach always, if necessary, use words!" St Francis of Assisi

    * Luke Chapter 6, Verses 27-36

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    Here's an update to the earlier story. One of the deputies has passed.

    Chaplain: Officer Dead After Two Officers Shot

    POSTED: 7:12 pm EDT June 18, 2007
    UPDATED: 11:23 pm EDT June 18, 2007

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    GEORGETOWN, Ind. -- A Louisville Metro Police chaplain has told NewsChannel 32 that Floyd County Police Officer Frank Denzinger died after he and Officer Joel White were shot Monday evening. The two were shot outside a home while on duty shortly before 7 p.m. police said. Officials said the shooting took place at the 6000 block of Rachel Court in Georgetown.

    Indiana State Police Sgt. Jerry Goodin said the gunman was believed to be Tyler Dumstorf, 15. Around 10:15 p.m., Goodin said police "think we have him cornered" but urged neighbors to call 911 if anyone knocked on their doors. He would not comment on whether or not police were in contact with Dumstorf but said police were assuming he was armed until in custody.

    At 9:15 p.m., Floyd County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. Frank Loop said both officers were in surgery. Police said the boy's mother was home but was not hurt in the incident and was being interviewed during their investigation.

    One of the injured officers called dispatchers over a police radio and said he and another officer had been shot with a high-powered rifle by someone inside the home. The officer told police the shooter was still in the home at the time he was calling. According to NewsChannel 32's news partners at the New Albany News And Tribune the deputy told dispatchers that his leg was "completely destroyed" and that the other deputy was unconscious.

    Loop said Denzinger is a 4-year veteran of the department and White has served 17 months.

    Louisville Metro Police Department spokeswoman Alicia Smiley told NewsChannel 32 that an LMPD air unit and SWAT team were dispatched to the scene. Loop said every nearby agency was scouring the area, including state police and federal agents from the U.S. Secret Service. Helicopters, ambulances, a long line of police cars and at least one armored vehicle gathered at the scene, where police were arming themselves and donning bullet-proof vests.

    NewsChannel 32 and will have more details as they are available.

    Live. Local. Late-Breaking. Get the top Louisville news, weather and sports from the team at WLKY – online, anytime.

    Please, keep the prayers coming.
    Why are there so many babies on Creole, you and your buddy JPSO Recruit help me out on this one....

    * "Preach always, if necessary, use words!" St Francis of Assisi

    * Luke Chapter 6, Verses 27-36


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      I went to academy with Frank, a great guy. No other words to say, I guess.


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        I know this was already posted in the General Le thread, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it in here as well.

        GEORGETOWN, Ind. — A 15-year-old boy who had been arguing with his mother opened fire on two sheriff's deputies as they arrived at the family's home, fatally wounding one officer and leaving the other seriously hurt, authorities said. The teen was found dead inside.

        Floyd County Coroner Greg Balmer confirmed Tyler Dumstorf's death, but neither he nor a state police spokesman would say how the teen died.

        State police had identified Dumstorf as the suspected shooter as they searched for the boy. When officers entered the home shortly after midnight, they found the boy dead on the floor, state police Sgt. Jerry Goodin said.

        Deputy Frank Denzinger, a four-year veteran of the sheriff's department, died hours after the shooting, Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills said. Deputy Joel White, who has been with the department 17 months, was hospitalized in critical condition, he said.

        Denzinger and White went to the home about 10 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday evening after a report of a confrontation between the boy and his mother, sheriff's Lt. Frank Loop said.

        Loop said the boy's mother was not injured.

        Goodin said officers arrested two people as they conducted their search and investigated the shootings, but he declined to discuss how they were involved.


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          I saw this in the local paper this morining. WTF is up with this world? A 15yo should be listening to music and hanging at the mall. Not shooting Cops!
          Originally posted by Smurfette_76
          You will always be disappointed when you expect rational behavior from irrational people.
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            I have no words to express the feelings. A 15 year old with a weapon and shooting at Officers is freaking insane. My prayers are with the Officer still fighting and with the families involved.


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                I heard this come across the radio today while on patrol.
                I miss you, Dave.


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                  “There was nothing to indicate to the officers that it was anything more than a routine domestic call,” Henderson said (Floyd County Prosecutor).

                  ROUTINE? What is routine about a domestic call??? Prime example that these types of calls are not routine.

                  My prayers go out to the families involved.


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                    First of all my prayers and the prayers of all the Department go out to the families. You know this is a big reminder how quick it can happen, and what I just can't understand is why this little chicken $$$$ had to ruin the life and lives of so many for his own whatever. If he wanted to kill himself he should have just stuck the gun in and got it over with alone.


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                      According to the news story I heard was that he got into the argument with his mother because she found his bag of pot. I guess he was threatening suicide was why he had the gun and then the police got called and well you all know the rest. It's just so sad. My prayers and condolences go out to the families of both officers and their department.


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                        Another sad day for Indiana Law Enforcement. Does anyone know about arraignments yet?
                        "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms. . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson


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                          It looks like Saturday at 11am, not sure of other details....
                          In Memory of Staff Sgt. Matt Kimmell
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                          Killed in Iraq October 11, 2005
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                            My condolences to the family/friends/coworkers of Deputy Denzinger, and hopes of a speedy and complete recovery for Deputy White. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the visitation or funeral to pay my respects.


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                              The radio traffic has just been released to the media. If you click on the box to the right, you'll hear Dep. Joel White talking to dispatch moments after being shot. It's amazing the amount of calm in this guy's voice. Truely brought a tear to my eye after listening to this:
                              "Floyd County Police Dispatch Tapes"
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                              Why are there so many babies on Creole, you and your buddy JPSO Recruit help me out on this one....

                              * "Preach always, if necessary, use words!" St Francis of Assisi

                              * Luke Chapter 6, Verses 27-36


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