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IMPD December 07 Academy


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  • IMPD December 07 Academy

    Ok, let's try this again

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    Good luck to you and to anyone that got postponed.
    Originally posted by Smurfette_76
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      Have you heard anything more about moving along in the process?


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        I haven't heard anything yet...


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          Originally posted by IMPDNE View Post
          Have you heard anything more about moving along in the process?
          Nothing "official" yet

          Just glad the schedule has been posted finally so now we at least know we are on hold for something



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            This is interesting, a December academy?


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              Originally posted by 3Charles501 View Post
              This is interesting, a December academy?
              Yep, it is what those of us that were put on "hold" have been waiting for.

              We were in the process for the October Academy. Polygraph letters were received by some, see ya next year letters were received by others.

              A group of us didn't get anything...eventually we received letters that they were considering us for a possible 3rd academy class for this year.

              The new schedule was posted the other day so now we at least know it is happening.

              The worst case scenerio for us would have been the 3rd class not getting approved and us having to start over.

              So hooray for us, hopefully we all get poly letters

              It looks like there is no A or B with this one, so hopefully all of us that were on hold will be moving on.
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                I am new to the site so sorry if im off subject but i put a pre-app in for the apr 08 academy, waiting on the process to start. I only have one concern, what are the auto dq's or dq's in general? if there are any IMPD cops, please pm me. as far as everything else goes i got a good resume, i've done L.E for the Air Force for the last 4 years, have a lot of (civilian)certs and experience. but im 9 months out from seperation so needed to drop apps. i also applied to brownsburg pd if anyone can answer questions on that department let me know. thanks alot and sorry again if im off subject


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                  You all still out there?

                  Can the months till August pass by any slower?

                  If any of the Oct holdouts gets a letter of any kind be sure to post!!


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