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Neighbors applaud IMPD after raid


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  • Neighbors applaud IMPD after raid

    Indianapolis - Police received a standing ovation after their latest assault in the war on drugs. The applause came not from downtown, but instead from homeowners in a battered low-income neighborhood on the city's east side.

    It is the second time in a month police hit the same house on Ewing Street. Instead of leaving the neighborhood, police say the drug trade expanded.

    Friday, beyond the broken windows and shattered front door, the lights were on, but nobody was home. Neighbors couldn't be more pleased."Oh, yeah," neighbor Joe Kinney said, clapping his hands.

    Neighbors say they applauded when SWAT officers broke in, then walked out with six men. They arrested two on drug charges and the rest for visiting a common nuisance.

    Living across the street and watching what went on, Kinney says, "Religious-wise you are supposed to love your neighbor. But when something like this happens, you have to put a stop to it."

    It's not that good neighbors and police haven't tried before. They hit the house a few weeks ago and made a few arrests. When the suspects got out jail, police say they came back, and expanded the business to the house next door.

    "It is disgusting," said Ferron Young. Young and other caring homeowners are locked in a battle of good vs. evil, an evil that's been eating away the neighborhood.

    Standing on her front porch, Beth Grant said, "There [are] more good neighbors here but the drugs [are] definitely taking over."

    With drugs, homeowners say there is prostitution, absentee landlords, vacant homes and crime. One night Zack Coffman says he rescued his grandmother from dealers. "They was trying to sell her something. She wouldn't take anything," he said. Grandma, he added with a smile, "definitely doesn't do drugs."

    Police seized marijauna, cocaine, a handgun and other evidence. An IPS elementary school is less than a thousand feet away, possibly making any subsequent charges more serious.

    Homeowners would like to think the raid will make a difference. Experience has taught them better. They appear weary.

    Young looked down the block, saying, "At times you think I'm ready to give it up. I'm ready to move on." But he stays, along with other homeowners who can't afford to move. Although they've won a battle, they are losing hope.
    It seems very rare that you read a story about people thanking officers for a job well done. I thought for that reason alone this news story was worth talking about! And it's from WTHR, no less!

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    Bravo!! Good Show
    Originally posted by Smurfette_76
    You will always be disappointed when you expect rational behavior from irrational people.
    "I always carry a pen in my but, because you never know when things are going to crack off."
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