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Indiana State Excise Police


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  • Indiana State Excise Police

    Hello all, I have a few questions in regards to ISEP. I did a quick search and did not find any up to date threads. I'm very interested in becoming an excise cop because of the lack of a uniform, take home, and lack of stripes peering over your shoulder constantly (or so a recruiter told us during my academy).

    First off, I'm already a certified LEO in Indiana, when going through the process what all can get waived? I would not have to go through the academy again, just their recruit school correct? (I only ask because I heard a horror story of a DNR guy who was already certified but they wanted him to go through the academy again at Plainfield because there were only three or four CO's total in his class)

    As of a 2012 thread, I saw that they put you wherever needed, is this still true or can I attempt to make a plea to stay in NWI?

    Lastly, is there a process that is going to open up soon? I put my info down for notification but I would like to know a general timeframe because I have two jobs for sure lined up in NWI.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer and provide some wisdom!

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    Yes - they seem like a very "relaxed" agency.

    If you're certified then you would only need to attend their specific training curriculum.

    When they hire its because they have man power to fill in specific districts.

    They just had a process and hired 4. They stated they may be hiring more in the near future if they can get the approval.

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      Anyone else have some insight? I'm starting to get antsy, any word on the next process?


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        Does anyone know where the East Chicago Police Department exam will be held and how many laps will be required for their 1.5 mile run?


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          East Chicago holds their exam at the station for the written test and at Block middle school on the track..6 laps


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