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Hard financial times coming to Indy Metro AND Marion County SO


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  • Hard financial times coming to Indy Metro AND Marion County SO

    So Indy/Marion County is broke and public safety cuts may be coming.

    Half the fleet has over 100K miles. Officers may have to "double up" according some some unnamed source:


    MCSD had to do away with a class. IMPD has trouble funding vehicles and even body armor:


    Sheriff may have to cut the deputies at Wishard Hospital. Sheriff may stop providing prisoner transportation from site of arrest to lock-up. Officers will have to transport their own prisoners to lock-up.


    The city is in the hole $70M-$75M, $15M of that is public safety.

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    And on my end of it - I am 7 officers down and basically screwed from being able to hire any more as well. Our fleet is on average 140K on the trip meters and breaking down constantly....

    We'll have to start suspending some services, whether its coverage on late tac or stop taking certain types of calls if this keeps up.

    We got a nasty gram from down town that stated we already spent over our max for overtime for the whole year and its only March. They asked how we could solve the problem - duh - let me hire more officers so we don't have to work everyone over....

    Should make for an interesting summer for sure...
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      What kills me is that prisoner transport and Wishard Detention are the FIRST to go under Layton? Really? Not that MCSD has staffed Wishard since the beginning of time and the Sheriff WANTED prisoner transport. So much so that IPD GAVE him their wagons. Hell, we don't even have the wagons to do it ourselves if we wanted to. You don't think that the bloated warrant division should be the first cut. It is not like we all used to do our own warrants up until about a year ago when they took that from us. The stench of politics is strong...it is choking me.


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        You officers and citizens need to quit bitching about the city being out of money and how it affects you. You should be happy that you have Georgia Street to stroll down while looking at all the statues of famous Indiana residents. And you should be really happy that the city was able to come up with enough money to bribe the NFL to hold the Superbowl in Indy. Cars, body armor, wagons...all fluff that you don't really need to do your job to the best of your ability. So suck it up, quit bitching, and get back to work.


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          As long as I get my paycheck every 2 weeks from MCSO, I don't care what they cut out.


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            Originally posted by MCSD241 View Post
            What kills me is that prisoner transport and Wishard Detention are the FIRST to go under Layton?
            Of course they are. That's how politics works. You sacrifice the important stuff right off the bat to get attention and make it a tragedy. Same reason school boards always talk about teacher layoffs before cutting the art supply budget.
            I miss you, Dave.


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              IPD--Indianapolis Police Dept
              MCSD-Marion County Sheriffs Dept
              IMPD-Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept
              DPS--Director of Public Safety
              DHS--Departement of Homeland Security

              There has been a lot of talk about the Public Safety Budget recently, I have begun digging into the budget info on the City Of Indianapolis website. This is public information garnered from www.indygov.org All numbers are in MILLIONS.

              One of the big concerns has been the large growth of the DPS office. While these numbers could be of some concern, they pale compared to the information which will follow. The DHS has also become a growth industry in the budget.

              DPS DHS
              2008-7.4 4.8
              2009-2.8 5.1
              2010-7.6 7.3
              2011-4.8 13.4

              Mayors Office-4.3 pretty consistently

              Reference, in 2011

              On December 31, 2006, the IPD ceased to exist. It was reformed into the IMPD, which was IPD combined with the law enforcement components of the MCSD. The MCSD remained to morph into the MCSO, which would remain as constituionaly mandated by the State of Indiana, to carry out the consitutional requirements of a county sheriff.

              Approximately 400 Merit Deputies left the MCSD to become part of the IMPD. IPD had around 1200 officers, thus the IMPD became a force of 1600. The IMPD handles patrol and investigation in the City of Indianapolis, which is Marion County, minus the excluded cities of Beech Grove, Lawrence, Speedway, etc.

              Now the budget numbers

              Agency 2004 2005 2006 2008 2009 2010 2011
              IPD/IMPD 116 120 107 187 187 208 201
              MCSD/MCSO 85 87 100 93 93 108 103

              Obviously, the IMPD budget should grow, with the addition of 400 officers. I don't know what the average compensation would need to be with salary, insurance, benefits, pension, equipement, but let's conservatively guesstimate 90,000.

              400 x 90,000= 36,000,000

              This is obviously, less than the growth in the IMPD budget, maybe those number are too conservative. But where is the corresponding drop in the MCSD budget. In fact, there was a minimal drop followed by a growth exceeding prior budgets.

              Links to see for yourself:

              2006 COI Budget

              2006 Marion County Budget

              2011 COI Budget
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