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    Does anyone know what hospitals (IU, St Vincent, etc) pay for security officers? Thanks.

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    I know iupui has security officers, wishard does, community hospitals do. Not sure about methodist


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      Originally posted by bullet126 View Post
      Does anyone know what hospitals (IU, St Vincent, etc) pay for security officers? Thanks.
      Usually between $10 and $14 an hour. Hospital security is difficult to be in, you are the hourly employee and the doctors and nurses are the professionals. If they accuse you of doing something wrong you'll be gone in a fraction of a second. You are not the police, many times at places that use special deputies arrests are discouraged or require supervisor approval. At those places like wishard, many are made using questionable PC. My impression of arrests during my time as hospital security is that arrests were typically made not because it was needed, but to beef up numbers for the security department or because a doctor or pretty nurse didn't want to deal with an alcoholic, drug addict or EDP. You will spend a lot of time locking and unlocking doors and dealing with coworkers and supervisors who in many cases have no business with any form of badge, gun or authority.


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        I think Wishard and IU Health both make around $12/hour if I recall. I think all Wishard officers are special deputies and carry firearms. They also get into a lot of fights. I talked to a guy who was able to retire from a department out in Hendricks Co and he said Wishard keeps them busy. As he was telling me about all the fights they have, a radio call came out about a fight!! They also have a bike patrol, or did at one time. Wishard will be different given their target patient base (low income) vs. say St. Vincent Carmel. IU Health have both armed and unarmed officers. Last I knew, they weren't special deputies, but they do make arrests similar to mall officers using citizen arrests powers. They call IMPD to handle their paperwork. Check with the local universities as well, some may hire security officers in addition to their police force. I know IUPUI does.
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          I worked "Briefly" for Clarion as a Security Officer....

          Pay was roughly $14.00/hr. Spent most the night as a Glorified Janitor unlocking doors for the maint. crew. The patrol cars we had sucked except for one nice tahoe. We did alot of escorts for nurses going to and from but picked them up in a rediculous unmarked red Lumina with 175K and it looked the part.

          Uniforms / gear was decent and the training looked to be handled well (of what I had before I left). The shifts were gay and the over lap was stupid. My shift was officially over at 7am but due to their roll call and SOP of shuttling officers - I wouldn't get back to roll call until easily 730.....

          The biggest downfall there was insurance. You would think that since they were the "carrier" it would be cheap... well.. at least reasonable. NOPE - for my family of 4 we were paying damn near $500 a month! I thought it was a mis-print. I asked the LT and he just looked at me and said, "yup - expensive eh?"

          Insurance was decided by a "bracket classification". Security is in the same classification as several of the nurse positions in which they are making WAY more then we were...

          I coudl have easily found myself staying there given the insurance being cheaper and perhaps a push and nudge for less "Janitor" work and more directed training at issues we would face such as Active Shooter, so on and so on....

          As far as the other locations / hospitals I am not knowledgable - this is only my short and small expereince with IU (Formerly Clarion)


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            It can actually lead to a career if you let it...

            After spending almost six years in the Indianapolis-area Hospital Security field, I can give you some great information:

            IU Health downtown (IU, Methodist, Riley) - Armed, not Special Deputies, around $13 starting
            Community Hospitals (North, East, South) - Armed, have both Specials and non-sworn, around $15 starting
            IU Health West - unarmed, no defensive equipment, only soft restraints carried, non-sworn, around $12 starting
            IU Health North - unarmed, baton/OC/cuffs carried (currently considering Tasers), non-sworn, around $12 to 13 starting (will pay more for prior experience)
            Wishard - Armed, Special Deputies, work for County Health Department, around $14 starting
            St. Vincent Indy - Armed, have both Specials and non-sworn, around $13 starting, recently started wearing the Special Deputy uniform (they were in blazers and slacks!!!!)
            St. Vincent Carmel - Armed, non-sworn, around $12 starting
            St. Francis Indy - Armed, have both Specials and non-sworn, around $12-13 starting
            Rehab Hospital of Indy - unarmed, non-sworn, at last check no defensive equipment carried, rumor has it that they start at nearly $20 an hour
            Riverview Hospital (Noblesville) - Armed, Hamilton County Special Deputies, around $13 starting
            Westview Hospital - Armed, contract Security (Blue Line Security at last check), unknown starting pay (probably $10 or so)
            Hendricks County Regional - Armed, have Hendricks County Specials, unknown starting pay
            Hancock County Regional - Armed, have Hancock County Specials, unknown starting pay

            Any others I can think of, I will update. I may have to call some contacts to update starting pay and what not.


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              What about hospital investigators? I know some of them have investigators or units. I can't remember the number. Anyone have a lowdown on that position?


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