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    Im currently a deputy sheriff in Northwest Indiana. My fiance has taken a job in the Indy metro area and I am looking to move to the area. I know that budgets are tight and there is not a lot of hiring going on but does anyone have any leads to any law enforcement openings (police, hospital security, corportate investigations/security, etc)? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Originally posted by Lawdawg45
    If you wish to remain working as a Merit Deputy, I would suggest looking at the donut counties around Marion county (Hancock, Johnson, Hendricks, Morgan and Hamilton) since the MCSD and all the hospitals are staffed with Special Deputies. Also check on the ILEA website for current openings. Good Luck!



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      If I remember correctly, Johnson County only hires once every two years (that may have changed). Hamilton County SD is in a hiring freeze, and they're not even allowing them to replace any Deputies who quit or retire. Don't rule out municipal agencies either, I know several that are hiring this year, or have plans to hire next.
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        If your goal is to just get a quick position, you shouldn't have an issue really. Yes budgets are tight, which means the larger agencies might want academy certified, already been on the job LEOs from the smaller agencies. Most of the smaller agencies don't have residency requirements, which means you could likely live anywhere in the metro area and at least have a paycheck. Pay usually isn't great at the smaller agencies, but $30-$40K/year is better than nothing.

        Anyways, I know Carmel just hired at least one person a few months back. Rumors are they are looking to hire even more in the future. Might want to get an application in with them ASAP. Fishers has a process that is heading into the background phase.

        My advice is to find out where you plan on living first. Getting an apartment near an interstate ramp system, in Marion County, would be my suggestion. At least that way, if you just need some LEO job to keep your certification, you can always look at Marion County SD and Indy park rangers. I don't think those jobs are available to people who live outside of Marion County. Start calling all the smaller towns and cities in the surrounding counties to see if they are hiring. The free weekly area newspaper we get for Hancock County seemed to be running ads for McCordsville and Fortville every six months or so. The smaller agencies have a hard time getting good people to being with, and an even harder time keeping those good people they do get (kinda hard to not want to work on the other side of the street and make $15K more a year, plus a company car, and maybe a better pension).
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