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  • Carmel PD testing

    I'm from Michigan and plan on attending the testing for Carmel PD. I've never traveled to that area before so I plan on spending the weekend down there. Can anyone offer any insight on what the area and dept. might be like?

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    I sure can. The Carmel area is somewhat of an anomaly in Indiana. It's upper class, very high standard of living, etc. There's a pretty negative imagine of Carmel from other residents of the state to be honest. Many people think that the Carmel people are snobs, rich, buy their way out of trouble, etc. Overall, it's a nice place to live, good schools, plenty of social opportunities nearby. The problem is, most Carmel PD officers can't afford to live in Carmel. Many of them live in Fisher's, Westfield or Noblesville because the property values in Carmel are simply too high for most police officers.

    As for the Carmel PD, it's a mixed bag. The department is a good size, with a lot of opportunities for advancement, special assignments, special units, etc. Carmel has a dedicated traffic division with motorcycles, a swat team, a fairly large K9 section, etc. Pay scale is good, I believe they're now second highest in the county (I believe Westfield's starting pay is higher. Carmel, though, may still top out higher than Westfield). Carmel PD has a reputation for being....overbearing or heavy handed at times. Their crime rate if fairly low, but they'll routinely have 10-15 officers on shift at a time, which means that they've got to justify those officers by sending 4 or 5 to calls sometimes. Many people see this as an intimidation tactic, and many of the Carmel residents have a poor opinion of their police force. That's not to say they're a bad agency, just the reality of it. I'm sure a Carmel officer will come on here and tell me how wrong I am, but that's how I see it; and that's how it's been told to me by Carmel residents. They're an accredited agency (as if that matters at all) and they've got fairly good equipment. They currently drive Impala's, which is the only downside, especially when all the surrounding agencies are driving Chargers and Tahoe's.

    Of the Carmel guys I know, they're mostly good guys, who seem to enjoy working where they work.
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